Osteoporosis: basic symptoms and choices for rational treatment

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Osteoporosis - a disease of the bone system associated with a decrease in the mass and density of bones, thinness of their framework structure.

Osteoporosis - a disease of the bone system associated with a decrease in the mass and density of bones, thinness of their framework structure. You can compare this with a full rubik cube, which gradually begin to shine and spoil small cubes, soon after them only "fittings" remain. So the structure of the bone begins to lighten through the loss of bone tissue, this dramatically decreases its strength. The disease leads to poorly healing fractures, which often occur on an equal footing. The most vulnerable to fractures of the pelvic bone, shin and ray bone, ribs, shoulder. Particularly severe consequences are associated with the fracture of the neck of the thigh, more than a third of them end with disability and death of the patient. The disease also leads to deformation of the bones.

Osteoporosis is common in elderly women and men, rarely in young ones. Normally, all human cells, including bone marrow cells, are constantly updated. The rate of renewal with age slows down and gradually begins to lag behind the rate of destruction. In women, climax increases bone loss and slows down the absorption of calcium to form a new bone due to a decrease in the level of the natural "process engine" of the female hormone estrogen.

In men, restoration of bone tissue provides men's hormones of androgens, which also decreases with age and leads to loss of bone mass. According to statistics in men, osteoporosis rarely leads to dangerous fractures, probably due to the large margin of strength of the male skeleton. In young osteoporosis can develop with a lack of calcium or after severe injuries.


Symptoms of osteoporosis have no clear manifestations and are often masked for osteochondrosis and other diseases of the bone system. All of them are accompanied by pain syndrome of different character and degree of intensity. When osteoporosis is characterized by stupid pain in the back, which occurs after the load, the long position of the body in one posture. At the initial stage of pain, episodic and local, gradually they spread and become commonplace, especially in the lumbar and thoracic spine. Other characteristic symptoms are slow decrease in growth, weight loss, limitation of mobility and change in posture (outside the plaintiff).

At present, the standard approach to the problem of osteoporosis is adopted: 1. If bone mineral density (BMD) is normal in diseases of the bone system, it is recommended to repeat the densitometry in 1-2 years. 2. If the mild dilution of bone tissue is determined, it is necessary to begin the prophylaxis of osteoporosis. 3. If osteoporosis is diagnosed - you should start treatment immediately.

Treatment of osteoporosis in the initial stage is carried out by calcitonin, it contains the preparation Miacaltsik, synthetic salmon calcitonin. Clinically proven effectiveness of calcitonin to reduce bone pain and reduce inflammation. An even more valuable property of calcitonin is established: it prevents further destruction of bone tissue and increases the mobility of the patient, improving the quality of life. Calcitonin is administered subcutaneously or intramuscularly once a day, with 5-7 injections, repeating courses after breaks.

With more pronounced osteoporosis, to prevent fractures, treatment is carried out with drugs that reduce the brittleness of the bones. These are ibandronic acid (Bialalos) and strontium ranelate (Bon Viva), a specific drug for osteoporosis. Treatment is prolonged (for years) and expensive, however, it allows avoiding dangerous fractures and significantly extending the patient's life.

Osteoporosis: basic symptoms and choices for rational treatment
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