Named one of the causes of infertility among young men

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Only five units of alcohol are able to reduce the chances of a man to have a baby due to lower sperm quality, writes The Times of India. Doctors found this by checking the state of 1,200 men aged 18-28 in 2008-2012.

As part of the survey, her husband was told how much they drank. Also, they were required to give a sample of sperm and blood for analysis. It turned out that men who regularly drunk alcohol in large volumes had problems with the quality of sperm. This happened if the consumption exceeded 7.5 units of alcohol per week. The usual pint of beer contains about 2.3 units.

Strong drinks are even more dangerous, experts note. The more men were drinking, the less their body produced sperm. Also increased the risk of formation of abnormal spermatozoa by form and size. Particularly obvious disastrous changes were seen in men who consumed 37.5 units per week. Researchers strongly advise not to consume more than 21-28 units.

Named one of the causes of infertility among young men
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