On the eve of the epidemic season of influenza: types, symptoms, prevention

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Influenza epidemics of physicians predict for Ukrainians in the second half of January. Already, people are starting to hurt whole families and collectives. At the same time in patients the temperature rises to - 39-40 degrees. It is difficult to knock it down, there is a headache, a scumbag in the body. Now, according to physicians, the Californian ("swine") flu continues to circulate.

Influenza is often infected by children, pregnant women, the elderly, patients suffering from diabetes, obesity, chronic pneumonia. It is important to know that for these categories of people, the disease is extremely dangerous and the country has already started to record fatalities.

Confirm the diagnosis of influenza only with the help of a special study - polymerase chain reaction (PCR). In Ukraine, the epidemic rescues school holidays - the children are not learning now, and this to some extent holds back the spread of the flu.

It is important to know that the flu begins sharply: patients experience a rapid deterioration in health, high fever, begin to torment cough, headache, many throat or immediately sore throat, nose, nose, "scratch" the body. In some cases, patients develop vomiting and diarrhea begins.

Influenza can also be difficult, and sometimes it can end within a week and go through in a mild form. It is very bad that the flu causes complications in the form of pneumonia, bronchitis, sinusitis, rheumatism, tonsillitis.

To prevent any type of influenza, there are certain guidelines that you must follow:

  • Do not touch the face with your hands - the virus stays on surfaces, from where we take them with our hands, and then we carry it on the face or directly to the mucous membrane;
  • Wash hands and soap thoroughly and thoroughly, or rub them with antibacterial agents, damp napkins;
  • Regularly flush an apartment, office;
  • Minimize contact with people with visible symptoms;
  • If possible, reduce the time spent in places of great concentration of people;
  • To do wet cleaning, as often as possible to wipe door handles.

Also, doctors recommend starting antiviral drugs after consulting a physician.

If you still feel the first symptoms of flu, start drinking a lot of water right away, arrange a bed rest, cough and sneeze, cover your mouth and nose with disposable handkerchiefs, then throw them away in a bag, try to avoid contact with anyone.

On the eve of the epidemic season of influenza: types, symptoms, prevention
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