Oka cornea injury: treatment and symptoms

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Corneal injury is a rather common type of injury. Most often, due to the low pain threshold and human foresight, a foreign body quickly pulls out and the eyes are completely restored. Unfortunately, sometimes the problem gets undesirable development.

A slight corneal eye injury (no treatment is required) is one of the most common types of eyeball injury. Cornea is a transparent protective layer that lies in the anterior area of ​​the eyeball. If you get into the eye of wood shavings, dirt, sand, particles of dust, metal, paper, the cornea can be damaged. A cut or a scratch is formed.

Despite the fact that after the main part of foreign bodies hit the eye cornea is insignificant (erosion) and special treatment is not required, some cases are complicated by the onset of infection, which in turn can provoke corneal ulcer.


The horn has a very high sensitivity threshold. The cornea is sometimes seen as a sandstone that is under the age. Often pain sensations are accompanied by blurred vision, increased tingling, redness and increased sensitivity of the century. In some cases, the head begins to hurt. Restoration of the damaged cornea of ​​the eye completely removes the described symptoms.

Possible causes

Most corneal injuries occur in living conditions, at sports lessons, walks or outdoor trips. Young children can injure themselves or others through carelessness. Sometimes the treatment of an injured cornea is complicated by the fact that the eye was damaged by a chemical substance (automotive consumables, industrial chemical substances, household mixes).


If you are confident that there is just a corneal eye injury - treatment should be as efficient as possible. To do this, immediately call a doctor or ask you to be taken to a hospital. If you are faced with a clear case of erosion, try the following urgent measures.

Help with corneal erosion:

  • Repeatedly vigorously blinking, in the absence of an increase in pain sensations, put the finger pad on the outer edge of the century and make light surface movements to the inner edge of the century;
  • Pull off the upper eyelid and cover the bottom so that the eyelashes mechanically pull the foreign part from under the top;
  • Rinse your eyes with purified water or saline solution.

Prohibited actions:

  • Do not rub the eyelids with your fingers immediately after damage;
  • Do not touch the eyeball with tools or cotton wool;
  • Do not try to remove the body that is stuck or drowned in the eye. If the big object does not close it, do not try to remove it yourself.

In general, if you are confident that there has been an injury to the cornea of ​​the eye - the treatment should be trusted by the doctor, and it should be done as soon as possible! Be sure to avoid damage. In hazardous areas, use protective glasses, take care of the cleanliness of the workplace, be careful on the street.

Oka cornea injury: treatment and symptoms
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