Obesity 2nd degree: treatment

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Obesity is a chronic disease caused by metabolic disorders. It turns out to be an excessive fatty tissue formation and progresses in the absence of treatment. A patient with a diagnosis of "obesity of the 2nd degree" requires complex therapy.

Obesity is a serious disease, the causes of which are numerous. It affects not only the appearance of a person, but also his health.

Therefore, the individual characteristics, provoking factors and the state of the organism as a whole - all this should be taken into account when appointing a course of treatment.

The adipose tissue has the ability to secrete hormones, thereby regulating its development. The appearance of the disease is most often due to the genetic predisposition, but obesity develops as a result of violation of dietary habits and lack of physical activity, in some cases, metabolic disorders are caused by the pathology of the glands of the inner secretion (thyroid, pituitary gland, etc.).

Signs of obesity of the 2nd degree

The general sign of obesity of all degrees is the overweight of the body.

There are four stages of obesity:

  • I degree - the body mass exceeds the ideal by 29% or more;
  • II degree - overweight is 30-40% of the body weight;
  • III degree - overweight reaches 50-99%;
  • IV degree - overweight from 100%.

The diagnosis of "Obesity of the 2nd degree" is based on the results of a comprehensive survey. The tests allow you to evaluate the level of sugar in the blood, the concentration of leptin - the hormone of obesity, the level of sex hormones.

The BMI criterion - the body mass index - is used to assess the degree of obesity. BMI is the ratio of body weight in kilograms to growth in meters in square. If the figure is 27-30, the patient is diagnosed with the 1st stage of obesity, with the indicator 30-35 - 2nd, 35-40 - 3rd, at the rate from 40 diagnosed 4th degree of obesity.

With obesity of the 2nd degree of a person can not disturb anything. In rare cases, weakness, drowsiness, mood changes, nervousness appear. Often there is an increased appetite, small pink stretch marks on the abdomen and hips may appear.

Treatment of obesity of the 2nd degree

Obesity treatment of the 2nd degree passes through individually selected complex programs. As a rule, they are divided into two stages.

The first is the reduction in body weight to optimal performance, the second is the stabilization of body weight. The average length of each stage ranges from two to six months. The medical procedures for each of the stages differ significantly.

The comprehensive approach to treating obesity of the 2nd degree includes the following stages.

  1. Choosing a diet based on the state of health and lifestyle of the patient, without strict restrictions on food and without starvation. The food should be balanced. Diet - the main point in the treatment, other methods complement and fix the result. The most commonly used balanced low-calorie diet with a reduced content of carbohydrates and animal fats and a high content of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Recommended high-fiber products: They provide fast saturation and stable intestinal work. The food should be fractional - up to six times a day. Foreclosure days: protein, fruit, etc.
  2. Selection of a physical exercise program. Physical activity should be high, all muscle groups should work during classes. Newbies are recommended to start with running, moving games, swimming, cycling, etc.
  3. Treatment of concomitant diseases that provoke obesity: the endocrine and cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, digestive system, etc.
  4. The use of special medical products for weight reduction, aimed at reducing appetite, rapid intake of food in the intestine and increased metabolism.
  5. Psychocorrection. A strict diet can provoke depression and depression. In some cases, a specialist may include antidepressants in the course of treatment. It can be both medical antistress drugs and medications based on soothing herbs.
  6. Massage, medical showers, breathing gymnastics, acupuncture and necessary cosmetic procedures. Surgical methods of treatment are not used for obesity of the 2nd degree.

Treatment of obesity of the 2nd degree, as well as correction of methods is carried out only by appointment and under the supervision of a doctor. Surgical methods for treating obesity of the 2nd degree are not used.

Obesity 2nd degree: treatment
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