Nutritionists have explained why men are losing weight faster than women

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Men who tend to be more indifferent to their own weight, it is easier and faster to drop it. To this conclusion came an international panel of experts who analyzed several dozen studies.

Experts have suggested several possible reasons for such "injustice". First, men initially, by nature, have a greater muscular mass, and this contributes to more active burning of calories.

Secondly, women in the course of breakfast, lunch or dinner are often gaining weight by experimenting with their culinary masterpieces. Well, thirdly, girls are less resistant to stress due to hormonal causes and are often inclined to seize them.

It is known that the body, even in a state of complete rest, needs energy to maintain the vitality of all organs and tissues. It turned out that the maintenance of muscle tissue consumes significantly more energy - read, calories than to support fatty tissue, which, incidentally, because of evolution prevails in women (chest, buttocks and other prominent parts of the body).

And therefore one of the healthiest and effective techniques that is now used to lose weight by fitness experts looks a little paradoxical: first, a man (male, female) is even more weight-builders, but precisely because of the muscles. For this purpose the strength exercises are selected, nutrition is amplified by proteins - that is, it is not necessary to torture oneself with "hungry" diets. And after the accumulation of muscle mass begins "drying": the person is thin, since the adolescent muscles themselves burn a significant amount of calories.

Nutritionists have explained why men are losing weight faster than women
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