Nutritionists have explained why it is impossible to overeat during breakfast

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People, puzzled by a healthy way of life and proper nutrition, make a mistake when they eat rich breakfast. In fact, it is necessary to eat in the morning, as breakfast has a positive effect on a person's well-being throughout the day. But at the same time, it is desirable not to overeat and not eat saturated products, scientists believe.

In one recent study, the researchers found that breakfast, after which a person feels heaviness in the abdomen and stomach, absolutely does not bring any benefits to the body, and even, on the contrary, can become a provocation that throughout the day people will constantly experience hunger and as a result Eat more than usual. It turns out that if you follow your figure or you want to get rid of extra pounds, then it is not recommended to eat your hearty breakfast.

In this study, about four hundred men and women participated, and scientists, in turn, studied the way of eating these people and how their weight changed during the experiment. As it turned out, practically all participants in the study, which eats much in the morning in the hope that they are beneficial to their body, had the feature of overeating for lunch and dinner, as well as eating in the intervals between the main meals. Those with metabolic syndrome remained at their weight, and other participants who had digestive problems also ate.

Other participants in this study, who had a moderate lunch, effectively dropped weight and extra centimeters on their waists. Some managed to keep their weight unchanged, because they were less moving during the day. Therefore, scientists came to the conclusion that for a weight loss, a rich breakfast and abundance of calories in the morning meal is not useful.

It turns out that public opinion at the expense of a dense breakfast did not find justification in the study of scientists who warned that the main thing is not to overeat in the morning, but to balance their breakfast and eat healthy foods that contain vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber.

If you do not want to feel broken and lethargic, feeling a terrible hunger all day, then you need to limit the use of nutritious foods in the morning, instead of choosing something not very calorie but mega-useful, for example: oatmeal with fruits, omelet with vegetables, Fresh juices and stripes, a sandwich of whole grain bread with solid non-lean cheese and a cup of coffee.

Nutritionists have explained why it is impossible to overeat during breakfast
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