Nutritionists called the beneficial effects of watermelons

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Watermelons are considered to be one of the most delicious berries that we all can eat in the summer. Since the end of July, the season of watermelons begins, so it is now time to find out what the benefits of watermelons are. Despite the fact that watermelon can often become a provocative poisoning product, this is not a reason to refuse it. You need to be extremely cautious when choosing and buying watermelons, do not long save it for cutting, and also buy on spontaneous markets where conditions are not met.

If you are not lucky and you are still poisoned with watermelon, then immediately take any drug that removes toxins from the body, drink lots of water and call the vomit yourself to clear the stomach. Doctors advise after poisoning not to eat anything at all for 6-8 hours and drink only pure non-carbonated water. If signs of poisoning do not leave you for a long time, then you should call "ambulance" and leave a piece of watermelon for examination in the SES to understand what bacteria caused intoxication of the body.

So, what are the useful properties of a watermelon:

1. Watermelons effectively clean the digestive system from slags and toxins, so if you want to clean and feel easy, then eat watermelon flesh throughout the day, as a result you have to eat about one kilogram of this berry.

2. Diuretic properties of watermelons are known to all, without exception. Therefore, water melons can be eaten as a preventive measure against diseases of the kidneys and genitourinary system.

3. Substances contained in watermelons, quickly remove the salt from the body, as a result of which you do not get ill with diseases such as gout.

4. Watermelon normalizes the level of cholesterol cells in the blood and promotes the removal of "excess" cholesterol, which has a beneficial effect on the work of the heart and blood vessels.

5. These huge berries are natural antioxidants that perform a protective function in the body, protecting it from the spread of pathogenic bacteria and the development of cancer cells.

6. Watermelons equip the body with positive energy, so after using them, you will feel cheerful, energetic and, above all, you will have a great mood.

7. The benefit of watermelons to people who want to lose weight can not be underestimated, because their excess weight "melts" in front of them.

By the way, watermelon can save you from the "sweet" dependence, if at the moment when you want to eat candy, you choose a couple of slices of juicy and sweet watermelon, preferably cooled.

Nutritionists called the beneficial effects of watermelons
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