Nutrition (July 2018)
Age and nutrition

Age And Nutrition

Nutrition and age are closely linked. Over the years, the human body has undergone fundamental changes. Nutrition and age should vary together. The metabolism is slowing down and in the same way life consumes fewer calories. Proteins and fats are necessary at any age, but in their youth they need more for the normal functioning of all organs.



The desire of mankind to extend life is clear and completely coincides with the general medicine, the priority of which is the prevention of diseases and rapid recovery. The development of biochemistry has made it possible to find means that help with all diseases and prolong life expectancy. These are antioxidants that are used in any cell destruction.

Baby food for adults is another way to lose weight

Baby Food For Adults Is Another Way To Lose Weight

What kind of methods will not come from ingenious dieticians in order to satisfy the desire of women and men to be in shape. Now the turn has come to the baby food. The replacement for some time by an adult diet of miraculous small jugs with delicate fruit, vegetable, and pure mashed potatoes is not a whim but a very popular diet developed by nutritionists specifically for certain Hollywood stars.

Bran - diet food

Bran - Diet Food

Despite the low cost, bran has enormous benefits to human health. Even our ancestors showed the useful properties of bran and actively added them to their diet. What are the bran and what is their benefit? We eat each day various cereal crops: rye, wheat, oats. They occupy an integral part in our diet in pure or processed form.

Calorie content of eggs

Calorie Content Of Eggs

Know the caloric content of products is important for all people who want to lose weight. All diets in one way or another call us to control the energy value of food. Since eggs are part of the standard diet of all Ukrainians, the question is how many calories in an egg are of interest to many. It should be noted that the attitude of nutritionists to this product is ambiguous.

Canned food - good or bad?

Canned Food - Good Or Bad?

In the Latin translation, the word "sonserv" means "to store", that is, canned goods are all products of long-term storage. However, nowadays this word refers to products that have undergone a heat treatment and are stored in a sealed package, we will talk about them. When it comes to healthy eating, canned foods are unambiguously classified as unhealthy foods and they are advised to avoid them in every possible way.

The stages of obesity

The Stages Of Obesity

Due to the degrees of obesity, the severity of the disease can be determined. Obesity is a disease in which fat is accumulated excessively in the subcutaneous tissue and other tissues of the human body, which leads to an increase in the body weight of more than 20 percent of the ideal weight. In our time, overweight is observed in every third person living in developed countries of the world.

Diet with hepatitis

Diet With Hepatitis

A diet with hepatitis is one of the most important components of treatment for hepatitis, and therefore the importance of its compliance can not be overestimated. It is known that hepatitis is a very serious disease, in its worst case leads to the death of liver cells, the development of cirrhosis, and, as a consequence, fatal outcome.

Energy drinks - for and against

Energy Drinks - For And Against

Energy is the basis of life. In the body it appears as a result of digestive processes. In normal conditions, the distribution of the resources received. A large amount of energy is spent on brain and internal organs. The remaining part is postponed in the form of glycogen - the main reserve of glucose, which on demand is immediately spent on the necessary needs.

Harmful food in fast food

Harmful Food In Fast Food

The concept of fast food or "fast food" includes the use of fast food foods that are usually offered by specialized institutions. Currently, they are very much around the world and they are in great demand. What kind of food is better, everyone has to decide for himself. Even in ancient Rome there were fast food establishments.

Healthy diet

Healthy Diet

The most important rule for organizing a healthy diet is to maintain a balance between consumed and expendable calories. The estimated figure for women is 1800 kcal per day, for men - 2000-2100 kcal. At the same time in periods of weight loss, the figures are reduced to 1400 kcal. A more accurate calculation is made in each case individually.

How to avoid childhood obesity?

How To Avoid Childhood Obesity?

It is no secret to anyone that in recent years there is a clear tendency to increase the number of children for whom the problem of obesity is relevant at a very young age. Childhood obesity has become such a widespread problem that becomes simply catastrophic. Increasingly you can see a first-graders whose weight exceeds 35-40 kg or a teenager weighing over eighty.

How to calculate calorie content?

How To Calculate Calorie Content?

What is the energy value of products different from their nutritional value? Sometimes these two concepts combine in human consciousness. Nutritional value - the content of protein, fats and carbohydrates in food per hundred grams of the product. Caloric content of products (energy value) - the amount of energy released in the human body from absorbed food in the process of digestion.

How to gain weight?

How To Gain Weight?

Nutrition for weight gain is not comparable to the thoughtless use of most calorie foods. Nutritionists are advised to correctly approach the set of additional kilograms so that they do not suddenly become unnecessary. In what cases is a weight gain necessary? Often, people are worried about overweight, struggling with it, using special diets, exercise, or all together.

Importance of proteins in human nutrition

Importance Of Proteins In Human Nutrition

The importance of proteins for the human body is not less than air. No wonder the proteins are still called proteins, which in translation from Greek means - "is in the first place." In addition to the fact that they regulate the rate of metabolism and catalyze metabolic products, the essential role of proteins in the work of the nervous system.

Iron in food

Iron In Food

The role of iron in the human body is difficult to overestimate. This is one of the most important trace elements that participates in hematopoiesis, respiration, oxidative-reduction and immunobiological reactions. In the human body, normally 4-5 g of iron, and about 70% of this amount is in the blood, namely in hemoglobin and myoglobin.

Is harmful protein in sports nutrition?

Is Harmful Protein In Sports Nutrition?

As recently, in the quest for a beautiful relief body, a popular sports nutrition, which includes protein, many people, especially athletes, began to wonder: "Whether there is harmful or not a protein?". All this in the media began to appear rumors that the protein is harmful to health, especially for male potency.

Japanese diet

Japanese Diet

The Japanese diet is one of the fastest, one to two weeks. It is quite difficult to carry forward in the first days, but the following already give a significant result. Experts promise to lose up to four kilograms of weight per week, but this will happen only if strict compliance with the diet. What is forbidden to eat on a diet?

Nutrition with physical activity

Nutrition With Physical Activity

In our time, you can often hear about the need for physical weight loss and health support. But proper nutrition at loads is no less important than the exercise itself. Improving metabolism, the success of burning fat and building muscles under physical activity completely depends on proper nutrition.

The pros and cons of vegetarian nutrition

The Pros And Cons Of Vegetarian Nutrition

Vegetarian food is a type of food in which some foods of animal origin are excluded from the diet. There are several areas for vegetarian food: 1. Vegetation, or strict vegetarianism. In this case, all food products of animal origin, including honey, are completely excluded from the diet, and dish recipes consist exclusively of plants; 2.