Nutrition with physical activity

Nutrition For Physical Activity (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

In our time, you can often hear about the need for physical weight loss and health support. But proper nutrition at loads is no less important than the exercise itself. Improving metabolism, the success of burning fat and building muscles under physical activity completely depends on proper nutrition. A starving before and after training is harmful.

According to research by many scientists, it is thanks to proper nutrition that the foundation of mental and physical health is laid, the clarity of mind and high efficiency, the charge of optimism and vivacity are ensured, which is important even for success in life, including for the construction of a career. Thus, maintenance of sugar balance in the blood will help to avoid sharp attacks of hunger and mood swings, and the constant use of essential fatty acids activates the brain, normalizes blood pressure and is the prevention of inflammatory processes in the joints.

The deficiency of trace elements and vitamins leads to the weakening of the immune system, the development of chronic fatigue syndrome and memory impairment. What should be nutrition under loads?

Diet for athletes: nutrition to loads

If you want to take a short jog in the morning, a walk or a charge, as a rule, there is no time for a full full breakfast, but to eat, nevertheless, it is necessary. It is worth noting that it does not matter what the purpose of morning exercises would be: muscle building, weight loss, normalization of blood sugar in people with diabetes, simply raising your mood - without breakfast, you will not be able to get the exercise desired result.

If you do not have breakfast, your body will burn much less calories than you could after breakfast. Eating before exercise is mandatory - this is also said in the diet for athletes. Some people believe that if they do not eat before workouts, they will achieve a greater effect, such as slimming. But, in fact, this is not the case. Of course, you do not need to eat right before your workout, preferably two hours. During morning exercises, you can eat something light (yogurt, dried fruit or apple) for 20-30 minutes before the workout. By loading loads for weight loss in the afternoon, it is desirable to have lunch 30 minutes before classes.

Dinner is possible with salad and sandwich with tuna, egg or breast. After dinner, it is recommended to do sports in three hours. Calories in exercise should not be empty.

Before workout, it is advisable to use complex carbohydrates: different types of cereals, cereals, rye or whole bread, potatoes or vermicelli, as well as proteins: dairy products, fish, meat, vegetables or eggs. It is advisable not to eat high-calorie sweet dishes before sports. Such food is rapidly absorbed, but the glucose contained in it rapidly increases blood sugar levels, and then it quickly falls, which causes a strong sense of fatigue and hunger. Due to the complexity of carbohydrates, glucose will enter the bloodstream slowly and stably, which will provide a productive and long work of heart and muscles.

Power during loads

According to the diet for athletes, during exercise it is not necessary to eat anything, but it is necessary to drink a lot. From the fact that the body loses a lot of fluid, deteriorating state of health, which can even lead to fainting. To quench your thirst, pure water or sugar-free tea is best suited.

Nutrition after loads

If you eat high-calorie fat after training, you can reduce your efforts to nothing. Naturally, after training, there is a sense of hunger, as the metabolism is accelerated. Therefore, you can afford carbohydrate or protein foods that contain a lot of amino acids: meat, poultry, fish, nuts, cereals and bread rough grind.

Nutrition with physical activity

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