Dietary rules: hypoallergenic diet

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Allergy is a process of rebuilding immunity, which is manifested by increased sensitivity to certain substances, even with minimal contact with them. Therefore, a person who has a steady reaction to certain foods or their groups must adhere to a hypoallergenic diet.

Food allergy is due to various types of foods and beverages containing one or more allergens. However, the diet is recommended by physicians for any type of allergy, and for food - it is obligatory.

Principle of action

Hypoallergenic diet helps to reduce the severity of the reaction of oraganism to allergens.

In particular:

  • Reduces inflammatory reactions with the vascular component;
  • Reduces the production of histamine and similar biologically active substances;
  • Favorably affects the vessels and mucous membranes of the organs, without causing them irritation;
  • Creates favorable conditions that spell for the recovery of metabolism;
  • By eliminating those or other components of food allows you to more accurately identify the source of allergy.

Where to look for an allergen

It is now decided to allocate three groups of food products for their tendency to provoke the development of food allergy. The selection of a diet with hypoallergenic diet should be based on the allergenicity of the product groups.

Dietary rules: hypoallergenic diet
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