The numbers of hands into the dreams: reasons

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Any changes in skin sensitivity may indicate the onset or hidden course of various diseases, including very severe ones. This also applies to numbness of the hands that may occur after sleep or during the day.

Violation of the sensitivity of the skin in the direction of its reduction is called gipalgeziey, but in everyday life, the word "numbness" is much more often used.

Numbness can mean a complete lack of sensation from external influences, and a feeling of tingling, sometimes accompanied by pain. Numbness is common enough and may be the first sign of various diseases.

If the feeling of numbness in the hand that occurs after a dream, weakly expressed and short-lived, then it rarely pay attention. However, such attacks may increase in severity and duration, as hidden pathology causes them, remains without treatment.

What often causes numbness of hands after sleep

The most common cause of numbness in the hands is compression of the nerves surrounding the tense muscles and tendons.

This is observed with:

  • Cervical osteochondrosis;
  • Front seated forward muscle syndrome;
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome.

Neck osteochondrosis is accompanied by restriction of the roots of the spinal nerves, their edema, which leads to pain in the neck, shoulders and arms. Pain syndrome provokes muscle contraction, mobilizes the corresponding department of the spine, including the anterior staircases, which compress the sensitive nerves of the hands.

The syndrome of the carpal tunnel can be as a professional (the work associated with stereotyped movements of the hands), and domestic malware (long time spent on the computer). Other reasons for this phenomenon can be:

  • Endocrine diseases (diabetes, myxedema);
  • Physiological changes in hormonal status (pregnancy, lactation, menopause);
  • adiposity;
  • Injuries of the forearm and hand;
  • Rheumatoid arthritis;
  • Tenosinovite

Vascular causes of numbness of hands

Sudden pronounced numbness of hands or arms after a dream may be a sign of acute cerebrovascular accident - stroke, especially if numbness is combined with muscle weakness or disturbances of small movements in the fingers of the brush.

If this kind of numbness does not pass within half an hour, then you should seek immediate medical attention promptly.

Numbness may develop in chronic vascular diseases, which include:

  • Artery Takayasu;
  • Obliterating thromboangiitis (Vinivart-Buerger's disease);
  • Atherosclerosis of brachiocephalic arteries.

Neurological causes of numbness after sleep

Syndrome is a chronic disease in which extremely sensitive nerve centers are affected, most often in the upper part of the spinal cord. Syndrome can begin with a loss of skin sensitivity and a feeling of numbness in the hands of the hands.

Polyneuropathy - the defeat of several nerve conductors of any origin is called "polyneuropathy" and may have the following origin:

  • Metabolic disorders (diabetes mellitus, chronic renal insufficiency, iron deficiency, vitamin B deficiency 12 );
  • Autoimmune (destruction of nerve cells and cells by autoantibodies);
  • Toxic (alcoholism, mercury poisoning, lead, including occupational hazards);
  • Hereditary

In any of these cases, sensitive fibers may be damaged and numbness of hands may occur.

As can be seen from the diseases described above, which may be manifested by numb hands in a dream, this symptom should in no case be left unattended. For more accurate diagnostics it is necessary to address to the doctor-neurologist.

When there are related complaints (changes in the skin of different nature, dizziness, muscle weakness in the hands) it is absolutely necessary to do so, as it can be said about life-threatening pathology.

The numbers of hands into the dreams: reasons
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