Now it's clear at what time women want diversity

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It is known that during ovulation, women prefer to choose partners from a larger number of applicants than usual. A recent study from the University of Texas showed that ovulation causes women to seek to diversify in the purchase of goods or services.

The study involved 553 women aged 18 to 40 years old who were not pregnant and did not take hormonal contraceptives.

Scientists have found that the woman's desire to meet different men creates her a special way of thinking, through which she begins to think about the choice of new products. The devotion to the partner reduced cravings to diversity. Probably, loyalty to the partner is due to the loyalty of certain brands.

So, ovulation is not so influential on the behavior of women who have assumed serious responsibilities. Apparently, the choice of buyers associated with their strategy of behavior in personal relationships. The findings of researchers are of practical importance to marketers.

Now it's clear at what time women want diversity
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