Now it is known why people are soiled in the morning

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Sometimes in the morning the person looks crumbly. Dr. Sheriff Ibrahim of the University of Rochester Medical Center found out what the reason was. The whole thing is the stagnation of water, which is the result of bad sleep. The skin is particularly thin. Therefore, changes in the level of moisture are reflected in these areas strongly, writes The Times of India.

Other parts of the body may not swell at all. How sleep affects the water content is unknown. It is possible that people who can not boast of a strong sleep, just lie down late, because they drank, were at the party or wept. As for the dark circles under the eyes, it causes a lot of factors. But, as a rule, the whole thing is in the blood vessels and the lack of moisture in the skin of the eye area.

For these same reasons people in the winter look older than their years. For example, bags under the eyes - the result is the change of the season. As the study showed, winter aged on average four years and eight months. Due to the lack of sunlight, the skin became paleer, which underlined the bags under the eyes. The problem was aggravated with an increased level of fatigue and vitamin D deficiency, which occurs in the body under the influence of sunlight, and with a lack of serotonin, which gives a pleasant sensation.

Therefore, it is not surprising that 82% of women complained of circles under their eyes and puffiness in the winter. In the summer, only 38% of women encountered similar problems. According to Mark Binetto, an expert in the field of aging, recent studies increasingly associate the presence of swollenness and circles under the eyes with a lack of vitamins D and K. Moreover, dark circles - the most common problem.

Often it is caused by the fact that small capillaries pass blood that accumulates under the surface of the skin. Blood begins to oxidize and becomes dark. As the skin becomes more transparent in the winter, it is especially visible when the liquid accumulates under the eyes.

Now it is known why people are soiled in the morning
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