Notta's disease: why fingers are clicked

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Notta's disease (finger syndrome) is a fairly common disease of the tendon-ligament apparatus of the hand of the hand, the lack of treatment which leads to irreversible limitation of the mobility of the joints of the fingers.

Notta's illness is expressed in the painful blockage of the tendons of one or more fingers in the bending position. One of the symptoms of the initial stage of the disease is the characteristic closure when bending or bending your finger, which allows you to timely diagnose Notta's disease in order to choose a rational treatment.

Notta's Disease: Causes of Appearance

The cause of the onset of the finger syndrome is the inflammatory process of the tendons of the peripheral parts of the palm and fingers, which is accompanied by their narrowing (thickening).

The tendency to develop this disease is due to:

  • Peculiarities of professional activity (over-tension of fingers, microtraumas, long-term application of tools at work);
  • The presence of chronic diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, polyarthritis, diabetes mellitus);
  • Congenital pathologies of the tendons of the ring-like ligament of the fingers.

Symptoms of Notta's Disease

Notta's disease can be manifested in the form of:

Notta's disease: why fingers are clicked
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