The normal intestinal microflora can be provided in these simple ways

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Our intestines, like the rest of the internal organs, are constantly exposed to what we eat and drink. And as you know, food carries not only beneficial bacteria and trace elements, but also harmful toxins that negatively affect the functioning of the intestines. Doctors recommend at least occasionally clean the intestines, but only by the ways that can restore normal microflora, and not clean it.

Effective recipes for normalizing the microflora in the intestine:

1. Every day for breakfast it is necessary to eat a portion of any porridge containing fiber. The most useful for the intestine are: buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, millet and others.

2. Prunes can cleanse the intestines and fill its microflora with useful components. With prunes in the diet you will never have constipated, which means that the intestinal microflora is in perfect health.

3. Every day, scientists recommend to lay on fresh salads or with the addition of cooked beet, as it has a beneficial effect on the intestine, accelerates metabolism and removes slags.

4. Garlic is considered a natural antiseptic, therefore its penetration into the intestine will ensure the destruction of bacteria unnecessary for microflora.

5. Dairy products, both fat and skim, are very important for the digestive system. It is in dairy products that contain the necessary microorganisms involved in the formation of normal microflora in the intestine.

6. At home, you can prepare a fresh broth from the seeds of dill and drink it several times a day. As you know, dill eliminates bloating and helps toxins escape from the intestines.

7. Summer berries are very useful for the intestinal microflora, they contain acids, vitamins and minerals, without which it is impossible to create the correct microflora in the intestine.

8. To eliminate pathogenic bacteria and malicious parasites living in the intestine, it is sometimes necessary to eat pumpkin seeds.

9. Any cleansing diet, but only clever, will help clear the intestines from the slag, but after it should follow the proper nutrition to restore the microflora.

10. Lemon tea is the easiest recipe that not only has a beneficial effect on the intestine, but also on the heart and on the immune system.

Provide for yourself a diet and a way of life that will result in the intestinal microflora do not break your work, then it will be easier for you to always support it in the form.

The normal intestinal microflora can be provided in these simple ways

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