Noise into the head: causes

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We are surrounded by a huge and noisy world that does not recognize slowness. He needs us to think quickly, act quickly and solve all the problems that arise subsequently. Subsequently, it becomes harder to concentrate, there is nervousness, stress and noise in the head, the causes of which may be different.

Noise in the head is a common disorder. Many mistakenly believe that adults older than 50 years are inclined to do so. In fact, I can even hear the noise of motorways in my head even small children. But, of course, the causes of this phenomenon are completely different - from stress to serious diseases of the brain.

Noise in the head may be different in nature, due to which you can correctly diagnose and prescribe treatment. This is an unpleasant and often painful illness. But what causes noise in the head?

Why hear the noise in my head:

  1. Stress or nervousness. Hours spent on a computer, time-lapse and bad sleep lead to fatigue, there is chronic fatigue.
  2. Violation in the work of the vestibular apparatus. Sharp slipping, frequent flying can also cause head noise - reasons should be sought with the help of a specialist.
  3. Increased arterial pressure. Noise in this case can be a harbinger of a hypertensive crisis.
  4. Instability in the cervical vertebrae: the processes of the vertebrae squeeze blood vessels.
  5. Atherosclerosis: blood in vessels is moving too fast, so there is also a rumble.
  6. Cardiovascular disease, when organs and tissues lose vital nutrients, especially oxygen. The brain is particularly sensitive to this kind of fasting, which is why it is one of the most common causes of noise in the head.

Treatment of noise in the head

It is important to remember that independent treatment without a medical diagnosis can not only worsen your condition, but also lead to unwanted consequences. If you often hear noise in your head, for reasons you do not know, consult a specialist. What treatment can you appoint?

  1. Due to heart disease it is necessary to restore sufficient blood circulation. You will need to undergo a complete examination, which includes blood tests, ultrasound examination of the heart, loading tests, etc.
  2. Atherosclerosis requires long and thorough treatment for several months. There is no guarantee that you will completely get rid of noise in the head. You will need to pass a biochemical blood test, examine the heart, kidneys, thyroid gland. There may be changes in nutrition and lifestyle. The same applies to hypertension.
  3. Vascular dystonia requires a mistake in the nervous system. Necessary complex of vitamins, leave, sports and a healthy dream.
  4. Noise in the head, the causes of which are associated with depression and excessive nervousness, will require the intake of vitamins and adaptogens. You may need help from a professional psychologist.
  5. Problems in the cervical spine can be solved by manual therapy, electrophoresis, special gymnastics and vascular preparations.

Getting rid of noise in my head is possible, but in each case it will require patience and strict follow-up of the doctor's instructions. Try to drink less, do not smoke, sleep more and walk in the fresh air, so that you do not have to treat noise in the head.

Noise into the head: causes
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