Nizkozhirova diet: how to avoid the feeling of famine

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Who needs an examination of the genetic predisposition to diabetes.

If you reduce your calories to lose weight, you probably feel hunger. One of the reasons I recommend a low-fat diet and a vegetarian diet is that you can eat at least droplets without counting calories and getting enough fiber. Result - Weight loss without starvation.

In our research, we use questionnaires, and notice that most people are completely satisfied with our program. What if food does not support your livelihoods enough? Here are some suggestions that begin, it would seem, from the obvious.

Eat more. Perhaps a large bowl of oatmeal will not be enough. When you're just starting to get used to new products, it takes a little time to figure out the right proportions of portions. Soon everything will be fine.

If you have only "instant" oatmeal for breakfast, then the hunger will come before, compared with the time when you eat tightly and varied. The only difference is that fiber is broken in such oatmeal. Instead of a flat hermit, you have a box full of oatmeal powder. This means that you can not only prepare it quickly, but also quickly digest it, which is why the blood sugar level is rising, and you are beginning to feel hunger again. The use of products in their original form will allow them to stay stable longer.

You need those products that contain both a lot of fiber and a low glycemic index at the same time. Usually, if the products have one of these qualities, then there is no other. For example, in bread with bran contains a lot of fiber, but the index of GI it is quite high. In white bread, the level is the same, but at the same time all cellulose is destroyed. However, bread with a stored shell of grain is digested longer, slowly enriching the blood with glucose.

Have a nice meal! Sometimes there is a desire to have a bite between the main meal - do not refuse it in this.

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Nizkozhirova diet: how to avoid the feeling of famine
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