New ways to cure snoring

How To Stop Snoring Fast (Health And Medical Video May 2018).

What could be more horrible than a snap snore? Probably, many will agree that sleeping next to a man who is scary, loud and unbearably snoring is simply impossible. More precisely, to lie close and psychologically, to upset and to try to awaken a person who can snore is possible, but to sleep at the same time is simply unrealistic. But even worse, when you're snoring yourself and find out about it from the mouth of your loved ones, you can not do anything about it.

Scientists have already spent a lot of time and effort to study this issue, the reasons for which a person is snoring, and the methods by which it is possible to stop snoring is revealed. It is clear that if the health problem is directly related to snoring, then it is necessary to cure it immediately, and in the case when the treatment is useless, it is necessary to try different methods of "folk medicine" that should help:

1. Every day during the month before bedtime, eat two shredded leaves of white cabbage with a spoon of honey.

2. During the 4-5 weeks, you should pronounce the letter "I" twenty times, while trying to "pull" the sound, as during singing.

3. For several weeks you will need to bury your nose with sea buckthorn oil. It is advisable to carry out this procedure 3-4 hours before you go to sleep. Stop burying sea buckthorn oil when snoring is stopped, and if it starts again - start using butter again.

4. Grassy medicinal herbs effectively fight snoring, you will need a spoon of elderberry berries, the same amount of stem root, 2 tablespoons of rape and 1 tsp of field horsetail. All grasses are combined and poured into boiling water overnight, taking the infusion should be the day after eating in 20 minutes about five times.

5. Inhalation over clean boiled water. This method is effective in long-term use, experts argue that daily inhalation over a couple helps to eliminate snoring.

Doctors recommend to stop smoking forever, because this harmful habit leads to the fact that a person begins to snore during sleep. It is also important to clean your nose before going to sleep, because the nasal insuffleness easily leads to air obstruction and breath complications, which is why people are snoring.

Experts say that those people who are snoring need to sleep on high pillows or rollers. You can stop snoring if you are not sleeping on the abdomen, when pressure on the diaphragm, and on the side, so you will sleep safely all night and not interfere with others.

New ways to cure snoring

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