New method of rehabilitation of victims of sexual violence

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A person who has survived sexual violence, in addition to physical injuries, receives a serious psychological trauma, which as a result may be more serious and affect its entire life. How different psychology and perception of each person, the same may vary in depth of manifestation of psychological trauma. One such manifestation is the feeling of a person that she remained "dirty" after the tragedy.

Despite the imagery of this feeling, although in most cases the victim understands that this is not the case, in reality this feeling does not leave and becomes obsessive. Moreover, sometimes victims of particularly difficult moments of the psycho-emotional state begin to use for allegedly "cleansing" their bodies very aggressive and rigid disinfectants. Unfortunately, it is possible and extreme when it is decided to take such an oral remedy. There is also a reciprocal reaction - the victim ceases to wash, hates his body and even considers his own disgust.

German psychologists at Goethe University have developed a new method of intervention therapy. At the moment, it can be called experimental, but conducted studies have shown high efficiency, and its participants (victims who have suffered violence in children or adolescence) have achieved significant results in the fight against their problem. The uniqueness of the method lies in the fact that it takes only three sessions with a specialist, as well as in the future, to consolidate the result, the patient will be able to conduct trainings aimed at restoring the psycho-emotional state.

During sessions of intervention therapy, attention is focused on the sense of "pollution", but it is considered literally - without a psychological subtext. For example, at the first session participants were provided with complete, interesting and detailed information on how often there is an update of human skin cells. In fact, this happens on average every 3-4 weeks. Information that from the moment of the violence, the skin has repeatedly undergone an update creates a sense of complete renewal in a person. It is a revival of a new and "pure" one.

This is the first and very important step - awareness of its purification. It becomes the foundation for liberation from the strongest psychological stress.

The following sessions use the program to change the emotional persuasion of former victims by the power of their own imagination. After all, they themselves are well aware that their sense of "pollution" is a figurative perception. Hence, the task of professionals to use this power of imagination to create new sensations.

During sessions under the direction of a psychotherapist, a person picks up a picture of self-purification close to his internal representations in his imagination. At the same time, it is important to employ as much as possible all the sensual qualities. For example, one of the participants in this project imagined how the shining light of light on a millimeter smoothly removed from her "dirty" skin - all, to the last cell, to the full depth. At the same time there was no pain - on the contrary, there was a feeling of purity and freedom.

For greater efficiency, these sessions were recorded in order for the patient to continue to listen to the audio recording, plunging into this sensation and re-experiencing its purification and rebirth. Thus, on a psychological level, a new perception of itself and its body is formed.

The results of the first experimental sessions of such interventional therapy showed the need for further development of this direction.

New method of rehabilitation of victims of sexual violence
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