Negative emotions extend pain

How To Deal With Strong Negative Emotions (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Anger, anger, and insult are capable of exacerbating pain.

Fibromyalgia is a rather rare disease characterized by chronic diffuse musculoskeletal pain.

This pathology occurs mainly in women and seriously reduces the quality of life. There is no specific treatment for this pathology, therefore, research is currently being actively conducted in this area.

The essence of the study

Researchers from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands studied the effects of negative emotions, such as pain and anger, on pain in women with fibromyalgia and without it. The experiment involved 121 women, 62 with fibromyalgia and 59 healthy people.

The participants were asked to recall a neutral situation initially, and then a situation that caused anger or anger. The influence of these emotions on the intensity and nature of pain sensation was recorded. In addition, scientists determined the pain threshold for these women.

Pain sensations were stimulated by electrical impulses, and women were encouraged to press a special button at a time when they began to feel impulses when there was a feeling of pain and when the pain became very strong.

The study showed that anger and anger increase pain in both patients with fibromyalgia and in healthy people. Moreover, the stronger the emotions, the pain is expressed.

Negative emotions and pain

Researchers at Utrecht University believe that negative emotions most strongly affect people suffering from chronic pain. In addition, it is in such people that more often there are negative emotions due to constant pain.

Scientists wanted to check the effect of emotions on pain, the technique of emotional regulation, awareness of feelings, experiences and considerations.

Given that negative emotions, anger and anger are an integral part of life, especially in women with fibromyalgia, it is necessary to look for ways to change the attitude towards pain, control emotions and feelings.

By teaching patients to control their emotional background, not responding to many unpleasant life circumstances, it is possible to relieve them from increasing the emotional impact on pain.

At the same time, we can not say that the study is accurate and quite probable: whether the strength of emotional feelings, neither the expression of emotions, nor the general condition of the participants was evaluated.

In addition, it is impossible to specifically cause a feeling of anger or sorrow, and at the same time clearly assess your condition. Therefore, it is difficult to say that negative emotions can really increase the pain of healthy women who do not suffer from fibromyalgia.

Help with psychotherapy

Women with fibromyalgia have considerable difficulty expressing their emotions.

Constantly hidden anger, anger and insults are one of the main problems with this disease, but in the described study, the level of negative emotions in women with fibromyalgia exceeded all expectations.

Taking into account the direct influence of the emotional background on the manifestation of symptoms, researchers from the Medical Center of the University of Nijmegen, Radbod (Netherlands), tried to find a way out of this situation. They showed that psychotherapy and therapeutic physical training significantly reduce the symptoms of the disease and prevent its progression.

Such combined treatment has a significant positive effect on pain, feeling of fatigue, anxiety and emotional background. According to scientists, if you start treatment at an early stage of the disease, you can really achieve significant improvement.

Both of these studies are published in the journal ArthritisCare & Research .

Negative emotions extend pain

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