Nature against rosacea and dermatitis

Healing Dermatitis & Rosacea Naturally - Yes, It Happens (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

I recently heard the idea that Rosacea, Demodekoz and Seborrheic dermatitis, the diseases are not lethal, the problems from them are only cosmetic, there is nothing terrible in them and they can not live with them. Indeed, for a person, if you consider him as a biological organism, there is no mortal danger. But man is not only a biological organism, it is also a biological species. And the biological view, if you believe in science, can not do without a community. Without society, to be more precise. A man lives among himself.

Not so long ago I stumbled on one of the forums on a topic that was called so "Girls of rosacea and demodicosis where do you work? "It's hard to read next on the second page.

You know, you can take tips like "do not pay attention and continue to live," and even try to do this, but when you are paying close attention to you, it's very and very difficult to do it. Add here legends, inventories and no tact. Life, of course, can only be a matter of life itself. And the quality begins to approach zero quickly.

It's outwardly reddening, acne and bloated pores, while inside it is almost depressed. And depression worsens the course of the disease, and a closed circle goes out which is very difficult to break. But you can try it. There is such a new cream, called Quasix, And I want to tell about it. I understand that everyone got promotional articles, but read to the end and understand that advertising advertising is a difference.

I began to write this article on "Quasix" for three reasons.

The reason is the first: There are things you need to advertise as much as possible and as loud as possible. One thing, if the article is about a new night cream. Here is the question of personal choice. Another thing is, if the article about a new remedy for demodicosis, rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis, which prevent the lives of a huge number of people. And any new information on how to get rid of these abominations on the weight of gold.

The reason is the friend In that I know in my skin what a chronic skin condition is. I will not load diagnoses, I'm lucky to have no face, and thank God. Changed short skirts and shorts for free pants, ceased to sunbathe and forgot what to do in the bathroom - that's probably all my victims.

AND Third reason: From my "personal" skin abysm, I am very happy with the cream "Sodermix", and he is the same manufacturer as the drugs Quasix.

Why "drugs" in plural? Because "Quasix" is conducted in three types. The first type for oily skin, the second one for dry skin and mixed skin, and the third skin type that requires protection from external factors, it includes an SPF filter.

All three drugs have a common purpose and are used for rosacea, demodicosis and seborrheic dermatitis. Active ingredient - extract quassium bitter.

Kvasia hill - a very interesting plant, the fact that its broth can kill everything creeps and buzz. This is a very strong natural insecticide. And on the idea demodex - a hypodermic mite that causes demodex, should kvassy, ​​to put it mildly, not to love. The homeland of this plant is South America, where Cassia has long been successfully used as an anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiparasitic agent. Quasix is ​​very suitable for those who for one or another reason can not or do not want to use drugs with metronidazole. Kvassia Slide is full of its natural substitute and has no side effects.

In general, I will not paint everything. Though a new drug, but the information about it on the network can be found, and there are various reviews on the forums. Read it. Explore And good luck to all of us. Do not miss your girlfriend.

Nature against rosacea and dermatitis

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