Named the most sexually active aspect of a man's age

The Most Sexually Deprived Man On Youtube To Ever Exist (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Ava Cadell, a sexologist and founder of the University of Loveology, believes that 18 years of age is the actual peak of sexual male hormones activity. It is at this age that testes produce the most testosterone, writes The Times of India.

But it takes about 10 years after the spike, before the man reaches the highest figures in the sexual sphere. For example, it concerns the sex drive itself. That is approximately 30 years - the most favorable age for the construction of an intimate life of a man. In principle, this age is symbolic for women. In about 30 years it is easier for women to achieve orgasm.

But the aging begins in both sexes in 40 years. It is precisely by this age that the decline in the development of myelin - the protective shell of nerve cells. It adversely affects the work of the brain, cardiac activity. In addition, the locomotor function is impaired, muscle elasticity is reduced.

Named the most sexually active aspect of a man's age

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