Named the most dangerous shoes for everyday wear

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Waistcoats are comfortable to wear. But they hurt their legs, if they carry them not on the beach, but in the city, warns doctors from Topical BioMedics. Most pairs of such shoes can not provide support for the vault of the foot, the calf muscles are stretched, the Achilles tendons are strained. All this pours into problems with joints in the knees, hips and back, writes Our Windsor.

The plumpers usually have a thin soles, so the leg is more in contact with the ground. This is dangerous for bones and joints. Then, due to the lack of a backpack, you have to make efforts to keep them on the leg. The result is a possible loss of equilibrium. Spatulas enhance the condition of patients with cones on their thumbs and plantar fasciitis. What to talk about is the possible irritation caused by a jumper, and infections.

Often, lovers of this shoe are cuts, because the sweaters leave their leg completely unprotected. And the rubber sole becomes an ideal place for the reproduction of fungi and bacteria. In general, the degree of danger with slippers can be compared ballets. Sneakers can be worn only with socks, otherwise the infection can not be avoided. But from prolonged wearing rubber shoes in general should be abandoned.

Named the most dangerous shoes for everyday wear
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