Named the most dangerous indoor plants for health

10 Indoor Plants That Are Poisonous And Dangerous (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

It is important before you decorate your place of work or residence with flowers, it is worth knowing more about each plant and find out which of these can be not only harmful to health, but also mortally dangerous. Scientists have long discovered that some indoor plants really cleanse the air from toxic substances, electromagnetic radiation and harmful bacteria, and some can significantly damage the health of humans and domestic animals.

To dangerous plants belongs Teschin's tongue - it can cause nausea, abundant salivation and sore throat.

In the second place - Aloe faith, Which, along with its remarkable curative properties, can cause irritation of the intestine, if it is taken internally. And for animals, such an experiment may turn out to be fatal.

The third position in the ranking of dangerous domestic plants is Spatiillum, Which can cause allergic reactions. Once in the human body, it leads to edema of the mouth, tongue, lips. In more severe cases it can be the cause of death.

Fourth Pest for Health - English ivy, Which is equally harmful to humans and pets and can cause difficulty breathing, vomiting, seizures. If poisoning is strong. This can lead to paralysis and coma.

The fifth representative of the "green danger" on the windowsill - Diffenbachia, Which is very popular and is also very poisonous. Her juice is especially dangerous for children.

Sixth dangerous copy of the flora - Iris. Symptoms of this plant are reminiscent of fever - the temperature rises, vomiting appears.

The seventh place is beautiful narcissus, Which place is in the flowerbed, not in the apartment. This is an incredibly toxic flower that can cause nausea, diarrhea, high blood pressure. And if someone accidentally will eat the bulb of iris, then he may become a member of the reality show "To stay alive."

Hyacinths Occupy the eighth place and can provoke vomiting, diarrhea. For animals, hyacinths are mortally dangerous - remember this!

The ninth and tenth worst enemies of man and animals in the home - hydrangea and oleander. The first one will cause severe diarrhea, breathing problems. The second one will cause weakness, dizziness, muscle tremor and arrhythmia. The animal, having eaten even a small leaf of the plant, dies.

Named the most dangerous indoor plants for health

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