Named the cause of bad babies' sleep

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Scientists from the University of London with infrared cameras traced 101 babies overnight. Videos were recorded twice when children were five weeks old, and then three months later. During this period, many parents expect their child to sleep more at night and cry less.

Researchers were looking for moments when babies woke up, but could fall asleep again without parental involvement. Also, experts have studied the parents' questionnaires. Scientists have noticed that in five weeks the babies slept a little over 2 hours, and in three months they began to sleep about 3.5 hours. Only 10% of infants at the age of five weeks slept continuously for five hours or more compared to 45% of children at the age of three months.

Approximately a quarter of children, at least once a night woke up and fell asleep again without the help of parents. Those children who could do it in five weeks slept more at the age of three months. 67% of these children slept continuously for 5 months at three in three months, compared with 38% of those who could not sleep so well. At the age of three months, infants more often sucked their fingers or arm compared to when they were five weeks old. Infants who were sleeping all night at the age of three months, sucked their fingers and hand for longer. According to scientists, it helped children regulate their behavior.

Previous studies have shown that babies who are breastfed awake at night due to the feeling of hunger. However, in a new study, the experts did not discern the differences in sleep time between infants who were fed and did not breastfeed. Incidentally, the fact that children sleep all night is deceit. They just sleep during longer periods of time, and then wake up and fall asleep again. It turns out that this ability develops in the first three months of life.

Named the cause of bad babies' sleep
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