Nail injury in the nose: what to do

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A nail injury on the leg often happens quite unexpectedly. For example, a heavy item falls on the leg, or a finger hits something heavy. Also, the nail can be injured, moving quickly in the impenetrable, tight shoes.

In any case, the injury of the nail on the leg is extremely unpleasant: it complicates movement, and it looks like a damaged finger is not at all aesthetically pleasing.

Injury of the nail on the leg due to falling gravity

After falling gravity, the nail will react instantly. It will be very painful, maybe the temperature rises, under the nail there will be unpleasant sensations. In this case not only the injured nail on the leg, but also suffered a finger.

The nail after the blow is blue and then blacken due to an internal bleeding. Damaged nail is likely to disappear, and in its place will grow new. Injury due to the fall of gravity on the nail on the leg is cured for a period of 4-8 weeks to 4-6 months. Legs should be kept clean, treating bactericidal agents.

Nail injury on the leg due to tight shoes

Closer shoes, especially in severe physical activity, leads to blackening and peeling of nails. Symptoms are similar to the injury of nail plates on the legs due to falling objects. They need to be treated with iodine solution, releasing blood from the hematoma. Then the cold compress is superimposed.

Injuries of the nails on the legs in the campaign

To avoid such damage, precautions should be taken:

  • Choose comfortable, spacious shoes with nice pads without slippery insoles;
  • Wear socks made of natural cloth, absorb moisture, have spare thick socks;
  • From the mountain to descend sideways.

Injury of the nail on the foot with pedicure

This can happen if the wizard pushes the cuticle inaccurately, cuts the nail properly. To the injuries of the nails on the legs are also poor-quality tools for the treatment of nails.

Injury of the nail on the leg due to a blister

The scuffs can cause bacteria to fall under the nail. This often leads to fungus under the nails and even contamination of the blood. Tumors can occur due to incorrect pedicure, as well as due to non-compliance with the basic rules of personal hygiene. The risk of developing bloating increases in the case of a close placement of blood vessels.

Cut them out to be a clean, sharp tool. Morning should be disinfected and treated with healing remedy.

In any case, one should be very careful with injuries to the nails. Nails should be kept clean and comfortable, and damage should be treated on time.

Nail injury in the nose: what to do
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