Nail injuries

Smashed Thumb Nail Popped; How To Treat A Nail Injury Discussion (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

In the first place, you need to remove all jewelry from the damaged arm or leg. To stop the bleeding, you should put a dull bandage of clean cloth. After stopping the bleeding, the bandage is removed and the wound is examined.

Treatment at home will be sufficient if only a hypodermic hematoma (bruising) is formed that occupies no more than 50% of the surface of the nail, if the finger itself is not damaged and not deformed and there are no ruptures and torn nail areas. Insignificant scratches on the nail plate are not dangerous.

Damaged limb should be raised and kept above the level of the heart. This will help reduce the flow of blood to the nail.

The patient should take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which are released without a doctor's prescription, in the absence of allergies.

All wounds and cuts should be washed with clean water and soap, then put on the damaged place an ointment with an antibiotic under the bandage.

In the presence of ruptures and torn areas of the nail, large hematomas (more than 50% of the nail) or deformation of the finger should seek medical help:

  • In no case do you need to pull a nail and try to tear it off the ground. An amputated (cut off) part of a finger should be drawn in a dry sterile gauze or a towel and put in a plastic bag. Put the package in a plastic container and cover it with ice or bags with cold water. Take the container with you to the emergency department.
  • Wrap the affected limb with a clean cloth.
  • Set when you were doing a vaccine from a stalk.

Therapeutic treatment

The first medical aid includes the same treatment as home care (here you can call a doctor at home in the Nevsky district), but the technique of assistance may be different, depending on the severity of the injury. In order for the doctor to examine the wound, it is washed. If the vaccine from the stalk was made more than five years ago, it is repeated.

If surgical intervention is shown, the finger is pre-anesthetized by injection of an anesthetic into its base. Due to this, the finger completely loses sensitivity and the patient does not feel the actions made by the surgeon.

To stop the bleeding during the operation, a tourniquet can be applied to the finger. Stopping the bleeding is necessary in order for the doctor to clearly see the surface of the wound.

Antibiotics are prescribed if the injury is accompanied by a bone fracture or a torn wound, for example from the animal's bite.

Fetal hematoma

By the decision of the doctor the nail can be opened for evacuation of blood. This will reduce the pressure and painful sensation of throbbing. At the nail, a hole is made by means of a heated metal needle or a special device.

The doctor may decide to remove the nail to examine the nail bed for damage. These measures are most often taken with large areas of hematoma and bone fractures.

Dissection of the nail

At the opening of the nail, at least one part of it is removed. The nail bed and the skin around it are sewn. After that the nail (or its plate-substitute) is glued with a special glue or sewn. In this position, the finger is left for two to three weeks.

Amputation of the bundles

Cut off tissue of the fingertip can not be cured. If an important part of the finger is amputated and stored, experienced surgeons may try to nip it, but the chances of a successful operation are small.

Nail rupture

In some cases, a part of the nail can go under the skin, without damaging the nail bed. However, most often the nail bed is damaged, which leads to the need for surgery.

Fracture of the bone

If at the fracture of the bone still can maintain a direct position, the doctor first deals with the treatment of other injuries. After that, he applies the tire to the broken finger to fix the bone.

If the broken bone takes an unnatural position, while holding other operations, the finger is kept in a direct position, pulling it back. In the presence of dissection, the patient is given antibiotics.

Nail injuries

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