Myocardial infarction: prophylaxis

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Cardiovascular diseases are dangerous, therefore, their prophylaxis becomes very important.

We do not want anyone sick, but it's no secret that we are provoking a significant amount of diseases - inattention to their health, harmful habits and elemental laziness. In the meantime, even such serious and dangerous diseases as ischemic heart disease and a heart attack, often resulting from ischemia, can be prevented.

Ischemia is, simply speaking, a deficiency of oxygen in the heart muscle. In a healthy person, the process of "feeding" oxygen to the heart - the process of self-regulation. But if the coronary arteries are filled with plaques (atherosclerosis), then the blood, and, consequently, oxygen enters the heart badly. Then there is myocardial ischemia.

In addition, with great physical and emotional stresses, oxygen is needed to the heart more than in a calm condition. And atherosclerotic arteries can not perform their functions qualitatively. That's the preconditions for trouble. The provocateur of cardiosclerosis is cholesterol, if its level in the blood is overestimated. And if a person is in a state of stress, this level varies sharply. From this conclusion, to prevent atherosclerosis, it is necessary to monitor the level of cholesterol in the blood (less fat in food), and be able to protect themselves from stress.

A person can not completely avoid stressful situations, but this is not required. In small doses, stress is even useful. Just need to just learn to quickly get out of this state, for this there are many techniques. To be able to quickly arrive at a state of equilibrium is useful in all respects.

Excessive weight also has a very negative effect on the state of the heart and coronary vessels. Especially since, as a rule, it is combined with elevated cholesterol levels. Heart, and it is not accidentally compared with a large pump, it is very difficult to pump blood. It's no wonder that it begins to cope with its responsibilities.

All of the above - these are the risk factors for the disease of ischemia. To reduce the influence of these factors is quite capable of man. In order not to bring yourself to obesity, you need to monitor your weight, which means - not to convey and eat properly. Absolutely eliminating physical activity has not yet succeeded. But if they are sharp, and the body is completely untrained, again you can expect troubles. Therefore, loads, moderate but regular, are very useful for the prevention of heart disease. At least daily morning gymnastics. And even better - the gym. Only to begin the classes should not be sharp and cautious, listening to their state of health.

Everything in the body is interconnected, and inflammatory diseases of other organs also do not have the best effect on the state of the heart muscle. What would seem to be the relationship between dental caries or chronic tonsillitis and heart disease? So straight forward. In patients with teeth and inflamed tonsils, microorganisms that secrete toxins (poisons) are actively developing. In the first place, they, of course, "beat" the liver, but also the heart and other organs also get. Therefore, morning cleaning of teeth, prevents caries - this is also a prophylactic tool for heart attack.

But what should I do if the ischemic diagnosis is already posed, and the pain behind the thrush is felt quite definitely? In the first place, carefully follow all the prescriptions of doctors. And in case of unexpected attacks carry any preparations of "fast cardiac help", such as nitroglycerin. But the methods of preventing ischemia should not be refused, even if the disease already exists. Just loads should be even more sparing and very dosed. For patients with cardiovascular diseases, it is very important to adhere to the rules: rest until you are tired. As for proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, they are shown to everybody and always.

Myocardial infarction: prophylaxis
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