The strength of the muscles will provide a long life - experts

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Scientists from the University of California tried to find out how muscle mass was associated with the risk of death. Experts have analyzed data from more than 3,600 elderly people. The study participants included men aged 55 and over, as well as women aged 65 and over. All volunteers were examined, which determined their index of muscle mass: the number of muscles in relation to height. It turned out that people with the highest levels of muscle mass died much less often than people with the lowest levels of muscle mass.

"The greater your muscle mass, the lower the risk of death. So instead of worrying about weight or body mass index, we should try to maximize and maintain muscle mass," said gerontologists from the Los Angeles School of Medicine, Who also participated in this study. The conclusions of this work should be added to the growing number of facts that among all causes of death, the body mass index (BMI) is not the main marker.

"Our research shows that physicians should focus on strategies to improve the physical form of the patient, not just ideal weight and weight loss. When advising older people on preventive examinations, they should pay attention to the importance of maintaining muscle mass," the authors said..

Their further research will be aimed at identifying the types and extent of physical exercises that are most effective in improving the muscle mass in the elderly.

The strength of the muscles will provide a long life - experts
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