Mri or ct: what's better

What’S The Difference Between An Mri And A Ct? (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

In medicine, technology began to apply relatively recently - at the end of the last century, and widespread in Ukraine only in the last decade.

In essence, a tomography is a layer-through image of the internal structure of an object. In the case of a person - his internal organs and tissues. You can get this image using various mechanisms.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

In the case of MRI, the core of the technology lies in the phenomenon of nuclear magnetic resonance. The device is configured to measure the response of hydrogen nuclei in violation of their electromagnetic waves in a constant magnetic field (to make MRI in Kiev - //

Thus, in the region of the investigated body, a strong magnetic field is generated, which in the process of scanning affects the atoms of hydrogen, or rather, the protons that pass from the chaotic state to the orderly. Under the short-term action of radio waves, hydrogen protons begin to move and provide a weak radio signal that is captured by the installation.

Additional features give the so-called MRI with contrast. The patient is given a special contrasting substance prior to scanning in the blood. Due to this procedure, different fabrics on the computer monitor screen acquire a different color, which allows the doctor to diagnose more accurately.

Incidentally, because of the strong magnetic field inside the MRI apparatus, patients are strictly forbidden to undergo procedure with or without any metal parts on the body or inside: from piercing to implants.

MRI technology allows you to get a fairly accurate image of the internal organs and tissues, on the basis of which a professional doctor is able to diagnose or assume it and send it for additional examination.

Computer tomography (CT)

In a broad sense, computed tomography is all the modern methods of tomography, since all of them are carried out with the participation of a computer. But most often, for simplicity, the name is still a specific technology: the method of X-ray computer tomography.

As can be seen from the full name, another technology is based on this method, namely, the use of X-rays. The scanner of the computer tomograph rotates around the human body and makes pictures at different angles. The resulting images are accumulated and processed by the computer.

The result is a three-dimensional image of the investigated body or part of the body. Based on this image, the doctor also makes a diagnosis.

MRI or CT: what method to choose

Although both methods give approximately the same result, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. First of all, consult a physician which method is best suited for your case. It happens that you can use any of the methods of your choice, and sometimes that is recommended strictly MRI or CT.

Situations when MRI is better

  • Suspected tumor and tumor-like formation in soft tissues, brain tumors
  • Scanning of intracranial nerves, pituitary, orbital content
  • Diagnosis of pathologies of the shells and tissues of the spinal cord and brain
  • Stroke
  • Investigation of ligaments, articular surfaces and muscle tissue
  • Staging of cancer

Situations when better CT

  • Defeat of the bones of the skull, facial skeleton, jaws, teeth and other bones
  • Diagnosis with aneurysms and atherosclerotic vascular lesions
  • Pathology of the thoracic cavity (tuberculosis, pneumonia, etc.)
  • Diagnosis of parathyroid and thyroid gland
  • Injuries to the brain and the bones of the skull
  • Spinal Disease: Hernia Disks, Osteoporosis, Scoliosis

You should also keep in mind that CT is contraindicated in pregnancy and MRI - the presence in the body of metal implants or prostheses.

Among the advantages of CT is a lower price and less time of the procedure, which is important, for example, for children who are difficult to lie in the device without movement.

Mri or ct: what's better

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