Moving teeth: causes and techniques of treatment

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Moving teeth are a manifestation of periodontal disease (periodontal disease and periodontitis). These are acute inflammatory processes of periodontal tissues, bone tissue, through which the effect of moving teeth is formed.

Friendly open smile - a sign of a happy and successful person, his business card. One of the reasons for the lack of a smile in humans is shaky teeth. If you feel that your teeth are fluttering, this is the first sign of periodontal tissue disease.

Causes of mobile teeth

Moving teeth signal about the development of diseases and pathologies that are associated with the oral cavity. There are several reasons why moving teeth appear.

  1. Gingivitis. In this case, the disease begins to bleed gums. This disease begins with a light plaque on the teeth, which leads to the formation of a dental stone. After some time the dental fabric begins to thinnish, the blood supply to the tooth deteriorates and thus the first mobile teeth appear. Such processes often lead to irreversible consequences, as bone tissue can collapse to the root of the tooth. The development of this disease can be affected by diabetes, reduced immunity, chronic osteoporosis, non-compliance with the rules of oral hygiene.
  2. Periodontitis The symptom of this disease is symptomatic gingivitis. The illness is characterized by the appearance of itching in the gums, inflammation of the periodontal tissue, alveolar gneosis. It is also possible to develop the pathology of the "gum pocket", which results in an incorrect closure of the antagonists, which leads to the appearance of moving teeth.

Methods of treatment of mobile teeth

One of the most accessible and practical treatments for moving teeth is shinowing. Shoring is a special dental prosthesis, where the tire combines healthy and moving teeth into a single design, thus reducing the burden on periodontal tissues. This improves blood circulation within the oral cavity and removes gum inflammation.

Shunt method and appropriate medical treatment effectively affect the mobile teeth, strengthening and protecting them from inflammatory processes. There are removable and non-removable tires for fixing teeth. In recent years, the most popular were busy threads. Made on the basis of "silk fixtures", polyethylene or fiberglass, they do not interfere with the patient to treat and hygiene the oral cavity. After reducing the lability of the teeth, this tire can be removed.

Very often, when we come to the dentist, we hear such diagnoses as periodontal disease, periodontitis, and gingivitis. The main reason for this is improper care of the oral cavity. To prevent dental mobility, follow the rules of oral hygiene.

Moving teeth: causes and techniques of treatment
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