Modern methods of diagnosing the condition of the skin

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Modern diagnostic methods are needed to determine the correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

The methods of skin examination can be divided into invasive and non-invasive. Non-invasive methods include assessment of the functional state and assessment of skin morphology.

Functional condition of the skin

Today, multifunctional diagnostic devices are used to determine the functional state of the skin in cosmetology. They are used to determine the moisture and fat of the skin, which is necessary when choosing both cosmetic products, and various procedures. In addition, with their help you can determine the elasticity of the skin and pick up the necessary preparations that increase it. Determination of the pH of the skin is necessary for the correct selection of cleansing agents, and the amount of melanin - for the selection of bleaching procedures and sunscreens.

Modern methods of diagnosing the condition of the skin
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