Modern eye prostheses: features of manufacturing and application

How To Make A Prosthetic Eye (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Modern methods of eye prosthetics are aimed at achieving the maximum therapeutic and cosmetic effect in accordance with the individual requirements of the patient.

Eye denture is a means of eliminating a person's cosmetic defect to create conditions for a healthy life of a patient who has lost sight due to various reasons. Performing a certain physiological function, eye dentures are widely used in plastic surgery, during radiation therapy, as well as in order to prevent the development of inflammatory processes of the eye mucosa in the presence of congenital pathologies of the organs of vision.

Basic methods of prosthetic prosthetics

Modern ophthalmology is best known for the following prosthetic methods:

  • Selection of a standard prosthesis;
  • Manufacture of an individual prosthesis depending on the anatomical features of the structure of the patient's face;
  • Making epithets (orbital ectoprotection) in irreparable surgical operations with defects in the patient's occipital cavity.

Modern eye dentures should meet the requirements of configuring the conjunctival cavity and the color characteristics of the pair eye.

Types and properties of eye dentures

By purpose, distinguish eye dentures:

Modern eye prostheses: features of manufacturing and application

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