Modern brackets - high bite correction results

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To equalize the teeth and restore proper bite in our time successfully use braces, the results of which are impressive and attract the attention of those who have a problem bite.

The bracket system is a device designed not only for teeth alignment but also for fixing the bite. Modern braces are a very comfortable system that is not only effective in its influence, but also has good visual characteristics. As a result, everyone can choose the most suitable variant of brackets with the original design.

Modern Bracket Results And Device

Bracket construction is a device consisting of brackets and metal arches to which they are attached. Locks (staples) are fixed on the teeth using a special glue. As a result of treatment, the brace gives a coercive effect on the tooth, moving it in a given direction. In the process of exposure, which is carried out by the braces, the tooth is completely locked in the right position. This process is under the supervision of an orthodontist doctor, who regulates the time and effect of the bracket system on the patient's teeth.

What are the braces?

Brackets differ in the method of fixing to the teeth, as well as on the material of manufacture. Applying different bracket properties, you can have different effects of their influence. Therefore, the kind of bracket system should be selected according to the recommendations of the doctor. List the types of bracket systems.

  1. Despite the fact that to date there are many new and more advanced systems, metal brackets are in demand due to their advantages (wear comfort, relatively low cost, high fixing strength, fast performance compared to other systems).
  2. If the metal braces are very noticeable on the teeth, then their counterparts, made of artificial sapphires, look much more aesthetic. In addition, they have high strength and do not change the color under the influence of coloring products that a person consumes in food. As a result, the fixing process will take longer than metal.
  3. The most modern development in the field of orthodontics are lingual braces. Visually they are invisible, as they are fixed from the inside of the teeth, which in the end is the main advantage of this system. Feature of lingual braces in the need for adaptation to them (the first three weeks there is a violation of dictation).

If you regularly visit an orthodontist doctor and stimulate the effect of brackets, the results can already be seen at the initial stage of treatment.

Terms of wearing a bracelet system depend on the individual characteristics and nature of the pathology and are regulated by the doctor. On average, to get the desired result, braces need to be worn from one to two years.

Modern brackets - high bite correction results
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