Dairy (candidiasis)

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Milkmaid - it is one of the most well known and common diseases. It can be sexually transmitted, but this method is still not a priority. Often, the causes of activation of the Candida fungus are different. Incidentally, it was from a fungus that unpleasant illness received its classical name - candidiasis.

By itself, this element is always present in the body of a woman. Under normal conditions, it does not cause any harm and is in a "sleep" state. But there are a number of factors in which he "wakes up", becomes aggressive and causes certain problems.

Making a complete picture of the causes and consequences in this situation is impossible. Dairy duct is too much an individual illness. One can only list all the causes leading to candidiasis, but it is impossible to predict its appearance in any woman.

Reasons for the occurrence of thrush

Here is a list of the factors that can affect the process:

Dairy (candidiasis)
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