Migraine: cause - excess weight

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Excessive weight is a risk factor for the development of many diseases, not only in adults, but also in children, including it may be the cause of migraine and headache.

Interesting data was presented at the 48th Annual Scientific Conference of the American Society for Researchers of Headache by Andrew Hershey, Head of the Neurology Department at the Children's Medical Center in Cincinnati.

On the basis of his own research, he concluded that children and adolescents with overweight, as opposed to peers with normal body weight, suffered from migraine and headache more often.

"This can significantly affect their level of education and school performance," adds Dr. Hershey. "Migraine children often miss school activities."

However, the scientist emphasizes that there is no direct cause-and-effect relationship between obesity and migraine, and overweight affects only indirectly.

Excessive weight as a cause of migraine: study

The study was attended by 466 children from 3 to 18 years old, observed in seven children's centers of the country. 91.1% of young patients were diagnosed with migraine, the remaining 8.9% were observed with other types of headaches.

The researcher concluded that 36% children and adolescents with excess body weight are more likely to suffer from migraine and headaches than children of normal weight. In the selected group of patients with migraine, 21.1% had overweight.

The frequency of headaches in children is usually not more than twice a month. In the study group, children suffered from headache an average of 11 times a month. Hershey discovered a more conspicuous pattern: the more the child is, the more often he has migraine attacks.

However, it is difficult to judge which of these problems is primary: the cause of migraine - obesity or peaceful leads to obesity. Children with frequent headaches are less likely to move, which is why they can gain weight.

Both adults and children

Hershey's study was repeated by Professor Richard Lipton of Albert Einstein College in New York. He estimated the body mass index of 30,000 Adult patients with migraine and found that with its increasing severity of the course of the disease worsens. Professor Lipton concluded that obesity itself was not the cause of headaches, but it could increase their strength and frequency.

At the moment, scientists are wondering if it will help get rid of excess weight to deal with migraine. Either way, all doctors recommend parents to pay attention to the way of life of their children. First of all you need to pay attention to the nature of the diet, physical activity and the correct sleep of the baby, and not the search for new drugs for headache.

Migraine: cause - excess weight
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