Methods of visual field defects research

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The study of visual fields helps to diagnose such pathologies of peripheral vision as scrotal and narrowing of the field of view. For this purpose, three main types of examination are used: the orientative method, camembertry, perimetry.

The field of view is a collection of spatial points, while simultaneously perceived by a fixed eye with the fixation of one of them. In order to assess the state of health of the eyes in modern medicine, the study of fields of view is widely used in three methods: control method, kinetic perimeter, static perimeter.

Visual field defects

Frequently, refractive errors can be detected only as a result of the study of visual fields, as they are implicit for the person themselves. These changes may be signs of eye diseases, optic nerve or brain. There are two kinds of visual field changes:

  • Scotum This is the lack of perception of the image in a certain section of the picture. It can be absolute (full absence of the image of the plot) and relative (fuzzy perceptual perception of the subject). There are physiological scotomas, so-called "blind spots" in the temporal field of view. The study of such animals has shown that they do not change throughout human life. But if they begin to change the localization and size, such scotomas are called pathological and suggest the presence of eye disease;
  • Narrowing the boundaries of field of view. This anomaly of vision can be global (concentric narrowing) and local (narrowing at some particular section, with the same limits on the rest). Concentric constriction caused by neurological pathologies is called functional. If the cause of visual impairment is eye disease, then this narrowing is called organic.

Examination of the field of view is conducted under suspicion of any eye diseases.

Methods of study of field of view

The examination of the fields of vision of each eye is carried out separately. An eye that does not participate in the field of vision is assigned a bandage. Then the testing is carried out by the following methods:

Methods of visual field defects research
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