Method of natural restoration of vision according to w. bates system

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The most widespread method of natural eye resuscitation today is W. Bates's method. In Ukraine, his supporters and followers are GI Shchka and VG Zhdanov

The Bates method - the unrecognized science of the natural regeneration of vision was invented by the American ophthalmologist William Bates at the beginning of the twentieth century. In his opinion, accommodation of the sight is due to the influence on the eyeball surrounding his muscles, and the main cause of visual function impairment is mental stress.

There are three main stages of visual correction by the method of natural restoration of Bates:

  • Relaxing muscles that fix the wrong position of the eyeball;
  • Training of weakened muscles with special exercises;
  • The formation of proper visual habits.

Relaxation of tense muscles

For relaxation of tense muscles, Bates suggests using palmings. The classical execution of this exercise is as follows: it is necessary to fold the palm of the "house" in such a way that the fingers crossed in the middle of the forehead, and between the palms of the nose. The eyes remain open. The meaning of palmings is that with such an exercise, the heat of the palms of the eyeballs is warmed up. Exercise is performed for 3-5 minutes. It is very important at this time to think about a pleasant one. Finishing this exercise is necessary slowly and calmly. Before removing the palm you need to do some blinking. Palming is a major exercise in the method of natural regeneration.

Training for weakened muscles as a method of natural regeneration

For the training of weakened muscles the way of natural regeneration of vision is to perform gymnastics for the eyes, consisting of simple exercises:

Method of natural restoration of vision according to w. bates system
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