Meteorological dependence: how to defeat the weather

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Millions of people on the planet are suffering from depression and malaise associated with weather changes. In autumn this is manifested especially strongly.

Against the background of cold and sharp changes in atmospheric pressure, the number of patients with chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system and diseases of the brain increases.

According to statistics, it is in the context of abrupt changes in atmospheric pressure that more vascular catastrophes become: heart attacks and strokes. But people who do not suffer from heart and blood vessels, during the off season maybe falling into apathy, feel tired and broken, which is a sign of meteoneurosis.

Causes of meteorological dependence

First of all, the aggravation of meteoneurosis in the autumn period, scientists associate with the reduction of light time of day.

The need for a certain amount of sun and heat is laid down in each of us genetically. It is believed that depending on the meteorological conditions of the particular people, emotional, creative composition.

Because of the chronicity of women's hormonal status, women are more likely to suffer from meteosensitivity than men. Older people, of course, are more likely to tolerate sharp changes in temperature and pressure, but recent observations indicate that a large number of young and middle-aged people are exposed to bad health when weather conditions change.

Meteosensitivity is more often observed in humans, there are few in the fresh air, occupied by sedentary, mental labor, not engaged in physical education.

Treatment of meteo-dependence

Meteoasspendence can be pathological in nature, and in this case, the patient needs to conduct psycho-corrective measures, but often can reduce the dependence on weather preventive procedures.

  • A healthy lifestyle is a major helper for solving this problem. Rational nutrition, motor activity, full sleep - these are the prerequisites for the organism to be more easily tolerated by weather stress.
  • A good measure of prevention is contrasting procedures. Reception of the daily shower according to the scheme "1 minute hot water/5 seconds cold" will allow in a short time prepare the body to temperature changes in the off-season.
  • Complete abandonment of smoking.
  • The amount of fats, smoked foods and salt should be reduced in the diet. Under such conditions, the body is able to withstand the effects of autumn weather.
  • An effective natural calming remedy - Chinese lemongrass. Tincture or tea from it will help you to adapt successfully and painlessly to adverse weather conditions for people who are easily irritating and inflammatory.
  • People with diseases of the cardiovascular system for the prevention of meteo-dependence are useful drinks with mint and melissa.

Meteorological dependence: how to defeat the weather

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