Poisoning with mercury: first signs

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Poisoning with mercury is one of the most topical dangers for a person, which can be encountered even in the most ordinary living conditions, for example, by breaking the caliber inadvertently.

Mercury - a very toxic metal, prone to evaporation, which means that poisonous vapors can form in the air.

If spilled mercury was immediately detected or evolved, the content was completely eliminated, the health risk increased by a factor of. And in this case there may not be enough breathing protection equipment such as a respirator or cotton gauze band for full safety. Need to contact a doctor immediately.

The first signs of mercury poisoning

Acute poisoning with mercury from a broken thermometer or industrial source is possible at the moment when the evaporation of the metal occurs. Toxic pairs are absorbed both in the lungs with air and through the open areas of the skin.

And in a few hours may come the first stage of poisoning, the symptoms of which are the following symptoms:

Poisoning with mercury: first signs
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