Menu at gastriti

Comida Para Personas Con Gastritis (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

Nutrition with gastritis of the stomach should be dietary, that is, relieved. When exacerbation of a patient is prescribed a strict diet, and as it relieves its condition is converted to a normal diet with some restrictions.

Menu for gastritis without exacerbation should be complete and diverse, but it should not contain irritating and trudnoperevarivaemaya food. It should be noted that alcohol with gastritis is prohibited. Coffee with gastritis is limited, since it is a grater for the stomach and stimulates secretion, only with gipoacid gastritis is allowed. Fresh cucumbers with gastritis are limited, and in case of acute gastritis, it is contraindicated. Tomatoes with gastritis with high acidity are contraindicated, they contain a lot of acids and stimulate secretion.

Exemplary menu for chronic gastritis after exacerbation.

Breakfast. Buckwheat porridge, sweet butter, cream butter and Adygea cheese, tea or surrogate coffee with milk. Second breakfast. Fry an apple with low-fat cream or sour cream and sugar. Cookies or cookie type zoological, diluted non-acid juice or tea. Dinner. Mashed vegetable soup, potato casserole, sausages, Podilsky bread, berry jelly. Noon. Tea, white crackers or unfinished cookies. Dinner. A small piece of boiled meat with vegetables, pudding, tea. Before bedtime, you can drink kefir or ryazhenka, if you want, and with high acidity you can eat a sandwich, a little cheese and drink tea.

The second option is the menu for the day. Breakfast. Fresh cheese with low-fat cream or kefir, tea, stale bread with butter. Second breakfast. Mucous oatmeal soup with added milk powder. Dinner. Cabbage soup cream, chicken meatballs with carrot puree, dried fruit compote. Noon. Pear, assumed with honey and candied fruits, tea with a slice of stinging loaf. Dinner. Egg in Viennese with mashed potatoes, stale beans, tea.

Third day Breakfast. The egg is not cheesy, tea with milk, stale butter, jam. Second breakfast. Half a cup of carrot juice, crackers. Dinner. Soup of fresh tomatoes with greens, veal steamed cutlets, beetroot mashed potatoes under white sauce with lemon (with cream), raspberry jelly. Noon. Baked apple with nuts and raisins on honey, slice of loaf, tea. Dinner. Rustic porridge from wheat or rice groats, bread and butter, tea.

Fourth day. Breakfast. Vegetable rago, tea with lemon, bread and butter. Second breakfast. Orange juice, stale bean. Dinner. Potato soup with dumplings, ground pouring beef with carrot mash and herbs, pudding with berry syrup, tea. Noon. Banana Mousse, Cookies, Tea. Dinner. Cherry and butter verrucous soup, Adygean cheese, bread and butter, tea.

Fifth day Breakfast. Large-boiled soup with parsley and vegetable oil, cranberry mozz, bread. Second breakfast. Dessert of plum, apples and strawberries. Dinner. Soup with porridge onion with carrots and potatoes, boiled fish with white sauce and mashed potatoes, tea. Noon. Kefir or brasserie, stale baton. Dinner. Pumpkin porridge, bread, tea.

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Menu at gastriti

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