Men can boast of sexy fantasies that are brighter than women

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Erotic fantasies in men are more vivid and unusual than women. Moreover, men often want to put them into practice.

Women, as a rule, clearly distinguish between imagination and desire, tells The Hindustan Times. A new study by researchers from the University of Montreal was attended by 1,517 adults (799 men and 718 women). The participants were asked to tell about their sexual fantasies.

The researchers wanted to reveal normal and pathological erotic fantasies. Pathological sexual fantasies are bound by the coercion of partners, the pain or the fact that without the implementation of them in life people can not get pleasure. In general, normal fantasies met more often than pathological ones.

Many women who had fantasies associated with subordination (domination of a stranger), indicated that they would not want their realization. Most men, on the contrary, would like to realize their strange sexual fantasies. Domination was more common in feminine, not male fantasies. This explains the popularity of the Fifty Grayscale book among women. Men often dreamed of extramarital affairs.

Men can boast of sexy fantasies that are brighter than women

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