Men are more protected from multiple sclerosis

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Scientists at the Northwestern University of Chicago deal with immunology. They were able to determine why such a serious illness, as multiple sclerosis, is three times more likely to suffer from the representatives of the weak half of mankind. They conducted experiments on laboratory mice and found that males were protected from this disease, due to the presence of special lymphoid cells in them.

With their help, a system of congenital immunity was created. These cells in female individuals are not activated. Due to the research carried out by doctors, there are real opportunities for the study of this disease on sexual grounds. This will definitely lead to a significant improvement in the treatment of autoimmune diseases.

Why Does Multiple Sclerosis Occur?

This disease occurs because of problems with the functioning of the immune system. As a result, the shells of the nerve cells are destroyed, after which the brain loses its connection with various organs. Violent language, vision loss, change in coordination of movements, and then, after progressive muscle weakness, there is a paralysis. Why men suffer from this disease in 3 times less, not fully understood.

One part of the scientists argues that this is due to the fact that women in the course of their life experience a large number of hormonal changes, associated directly with pregnancy, childbirth, the onset and completion of menstrual cycles.

The second part of the scientists is confident that this is due to the peculiarities of the genes and their attack by the viruses. Most often they attack women. In their opinion, this disease develops, including because of heredity, ethnic origin and geography of residence.

According to the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia is considered a medium-risk country for developing this disease. On average, multiple sclerosis is sick from 30 to 100 people per hundred thousand people. In Scotland, for example, such a disease is haunted by 170 of 100,000 people.

How is the disease treated?

Multiple sclerosis is still incurable. But scientists hope to find an "antidote" through the use of drugs made on the basis of monoclonal antibodies. New medicines will have a targeted effect. They are much more effective now used drugs and are able to block and destroy exactly those types of cells that cause the development of pathological processes.

Many large world pharmaceutical companies conduct research on the effect of monoclonal antibodies on a powerful regulator of white blood cells (neurophiles) - interleukin 17. Such developments are also being carried out by the Russian biotechnology company BIOCAD. To create the necessary drugs, within the limits of the world of analogues of the "intellectual" technological platform, scientists managed to combine the synthesis of denovo genes with methods of mathematical modeling.

In addition, it is important for people with such a disease as multiple sclerosis to be as socially active as possible and to include them in work.

Many modern women with such a disease give birth to children, despite the fact that previously multiple sclerosis was a contraindication to the birth of children. Thanks to the discovery of doctors and the expansion of social support, the standard of living for patients with multiple sclerosis is significantly improved.

Men are more protected from multiple sclerosis
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