Melanoma: treatment and prevention

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Melanoma belongs to 1% of the total number of malignant neoplasms of the person, but the number of patients increases every year. In the treatment of melanoma, the most important is the timely detection of melanoma.

Melanoma is a malignant tumor that develops from pigment cells that affect the coloration of the skin, melanocytes. It is the most dangerous of the varieties of skin cancer. Treatment of melanoma most effectively in the early stages of its development.

The tumor is mainly on the surface of the skin, but can sometimes appear in the retina of the eye or in the mucous membrane. In appearance, it is very similar to birthmark - a dark spot, a little convex. Develop melanoma can either from cells of normal skin, or from any pigment nevus (ie, birthmarks or pigmented spots). Appearing, the tumor begins to grow rapidly over the surface of the skin, over the skin and deep into the tissues, with the deeper, the worse the prognosis and more difficult treatment of melanoma.

An immature melanoma can be completely cured surgically. Developing melanoma creates significant difficulties in the treatment. At this stage, the nodes appear on the birthmarks, and the tumor begins to spread deep into it. In the late stage, when melanoma becomes mature, the node over the birthmark is already well visible, and on its surface there are ulcers.

Symptoms of melanoma

Patients usually complain about the appearance or change in the size of the birthmarks, her bleeding, wet, as well as itching and burning in the affected area. Any of the following signals can cause an immediate referral to a physician:

Melanoma: treatment and prevention
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