Doctors: any diet is always a health risk

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Women often sit on different diets and even on several at once to bring their bodies in order, but only a smaller part of them may think that due to the diet you can earn a bunch of problems for your body. Developers of diet, most often, do not indicate side effects from their efficient diet, but we must understand that everything has its own pros and cons.

What you need to be careful of when you sit down on a diet to lose weight:

1. Monodiates themselves say that the body will not receive all those trace elements and vitamins that are so necessary to him.

2. Diets in which the main emphasis should be on the use of protein, are threatened by the fact that you may have bowel disorders, frequent constipation, strong gas formation, etc.

3. Self-selection of the diet may be wrong or inappropriate for you, resulting in unnecessary fatigue and emotional irritability.

4. Strict and hard diet restricting carbohydrates can lead to creepy nausea, dizziness, changes in pressure and health disorders in general.

5. Any diet can lower the level of use of nutrients and vitamins from food, which means that literally in a few days the body will be responsible for the damage caused by broken nails, broken hair falling out, bruises and sacks under the eyes, etc. D.

Doctors are advised not to sit on a diet, but to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat properly always, and not only in a period called diet. In this case, you will not have any health problems, and the figure will be perfect.

Doctors: any diet is always a health risk
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