Drug treatment of warts

Drugs And Medications To Treat Warts (Health And Medical Video July 2018).

About modern medicines to combat warts.

Warts are a viral skin disease characterized by the appearance in the places of lesions of nodes. The disease is quite common among all age groups. It is called a human papillomavirus.

Each type of warts corresponds to its type of virus. Infection is contacted by a sick person. The incubation period of the disease is prolonged, the first symptoms appear a few months after the pathogen enters the body. The weaker the immunity, the faster the disease manifests itself. The virus amplifies the division of skin cells, causing the formation of keratinous masses.

Types of warts

Allocate juvenile (flat), stem, vulgar warts and acute warts. Juvenile warts mostly affect children and adolescents. These are flat knots of normal skin size up to several millimeters. Usually they appear on the skin of the back surface of the brushes, face, neck.

Vulgar warts represent nodules that rise above the skin level, up to 1 cm in diameter, pinkish-gray with a rough surface. Most often they develop on their hands.

Plantar warts develop on the skin of the foot in those places that experience when walking the maximum pressure. These are flat, rough patches of grayish-brown color, sharply painful when walking.

Acute warts are classified as sexually transmitted diseases. They look like soft knots resembling a cock scab. Typical areas of lesion are genital organs, urethra, cervix, anus. Elements are prone to sprawl and fusion.

Methods of treating warts

Given the viral nature of the disease, an important role in its treatment is diverted to various medicines, which not only kill the virus, but also stimulate immunity.

Antiviral substances include interferons. These proteins do not kill the virus, but make the cell resistant to it. In addition, they increase the activity of T-lymphocytes, and after all, they are destroying the virus. Drugs interferons are divided into two groups: ready-made interferons and drugs that promote the synthesis in the body of their own interferons. They are available in the form of tablets and injections, as well as in the form of sprays for local application.

Immunomodulators are used to normalize immunity. They bring different links of the immune system to a harmonic state. This helps the body to cope with the virus. They are used in the form of tablets and sprays.

In addition, to activate the protective forces of the body prescribed multivitamin preparations.

In order to remove the elements themselves, apart from the hardware methods (cryodestruction, laser coagulation, electrocoagulation, surgical removal), various medicines are used - this applies to chemical treatments. For example, it is possible to accurately treat a warts with acid or a mixture of acids, trying not to touch the surrounding tissues. This will cause necrosis of the element, the wart disappears. Often you need not one but several such procedures.

For the treatment of acute condylomas use drugs based on podofillotoksina - a plant antitumor. It is applied directly to the elements. The major disadvantages of such drugs include the possibility of scarring, so the most common cancers are treated with hardware techniques.

Drug treatment of warts

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