Medications for hemorrhoids

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With the various manifestations of hemorrhoids, most people of the civilized states face at least once in their lives. Sedentary, stress, long sitting on the toilet - all provoke disease. The veins of the rectum are filled with blood, and eventually it leads to pathological changes, there are so-called nodes, which leads to discomfort during bowel movements, sitting or even walking.

Modern medicine offers many medicines, such as candles from hemorrhoids, and folk remedies for the treatment of this complex disease. Each of them is in one way or another effective for the elimination of individual symptoms.

Probably, if you try to collect all the known drugs from hemorrhoids together, you will get a whole multi-volume encyclopedia, which can not be re-read and for life. Today, among medications for hemorrhoids, there are drugs for both local and systemic hemorrhoids treatment.

Drugs for local hemorrhoids treatment

Drugs for local use today are produced mainly in the form of candles from hemorrhoids (suppositories), and also there are preparations in the form of ointment or cream. The main task of local products is to quickly remove inflammation, as well as to minimize the side effects. Also, these drugs are used to improve blood circulation in the rectum, prevent blood vessel thrombosis, and relax the sphincter and reduce intestinal motility.

Usually suppositories are inserted into the anus after defecation. This is done by lying on its side, holding the candle for a few minutes to dissolve it in the rectum. For external hemorrhoids it is expedient to use special ointments.

The main functional value of local dasgs is an analgesic effect. Therefore, candles and ointments are made on the basis of appropriate (analgesic, anti-inflammatory) agents. As anesthetics, anesthetic, novocaine, and benzocaine may be used, and glucocorticoids are used to remove inflammation. Effective local medications are also heparin-based medicines. Heparin prevents the occurrence of blood clots, and also shows anti-edema and anti-inflammatory action and promotes the regeneration of connective tissue. However, people with a blood clotting disorder may be at risk for heparin. In any case, before buying a drug, be sure to consult a doctor.

Systemic hemorrhoids treatment

For systemic treatment of hemorrhoids, drugs that have a strengthening effect on the blood vessels, or more precisely, on the walls of the veins are used. These preparations are venotonics, which are accepted at the course of 2-3 weeks with possible repetition, provided a break from 2 weeks to 2 months. Systemic treatment also requires the use of drugs with pronounced antioxidant properties, as antioxidants eliminate free radicals - the main destroyers of blood vessels.

A number of drugs for the treatment of hemorrhoids are made from natural raw materials, namely, from horse chestnut seeds. This plant contains the substance escin, which is a glycoside of plant origin. Etsin preparations have anti-inflammatory effects, normalize blood circulation, reduce blood viscosity, and also reduce swelling in the area of ​​inflammatory hemorrhoids.

How to choose between drugs for hemorrhoids

For your convenience, we tried to put together the most popular anti-hemorrhoids:

Avenok, Agiolex, Alginatol, Anestheol, Antihemorrhoea, Anusolol, Aurobin, Aescin, Bezornil, Betiol, Bisacodil, Biviparin, Butadion, Vosoket, Vernarus, Hemorrillus, Hemorrhoidal, Hemorrhoeum, Gepatrombin G, Heparinov ointment, Ginkor (procto, forte), Gipozol, Detrolex, Doloproct, Ichthyol, Methyluracil, Natalsid, Neo-anusolum, Nefloan, Nigape, Novocain candles, Olive oil, Olestezin, Parmibal, Plecles, Posterizan, Primoxin, Proctoglycenol, Proctosan, Proctozole, Proctoside, Proctosedil, Propolis candle, Relief (Advance, M, Ultra), Rutes, Sennalaks, Seimried, C Oftofak, Tikveol, Ultraproct, Escuzan, Esculus.

The use of a drug is predetermined by the stage of the disease and its main symptoms. For example, Aurobin is used to relieve pain and itching, as well as to reduce anal inflammation.

Very often, inflammation of hemorrhoids affects women during pregnancy or after childbirth. For such a category of patients it is necessary to use preparations containing only natural components that reduce the risk of adverse effects on the child. One such drug is, for example, Natalsid, which is made on the basis of brown algae.

It is impossible to determine the best medicine for hemorrhoids, as their effectiveness in each individual case is individual. In any case, apart from the use of various medicines, it is also necessary to regulate your lifestyle. In particular, doctors recommend to do sports, not to eat foods that irritate the anorectal area, as well as to observe the rules of personal hygiene.

In the treatment can help not only a rectal candle from hemorrhoids or ointment, but also folk remedies, for example, various herbal infusions and lotions. If you have the first symptoms of the disease, then you should not be put in a long box of his treatment and hope for "maybe".

Self-hemorrhoids will never pass, but will only be complicated over time. Of course, one should not resort to radical methods at once. We will not argue that the cooking of hemorrhoids with hot iron was very effective once, however, we have long been living in a civilized world that can offer us something less painful. And remember, before treating hemorrhoids with one of the remedies mentioned in this article and on the whole on our site, it is advisable to consult a doctor of the proctologist who will select for you the most effective treatment options individually.

Medications for hemorrhoids

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