Mechanical damage to the ears

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The most common type of mechanical damage to the anus is a sliced, chopped, stuffed wound that can be deep or superficial.

A person can get damage to the anus, when struck, bite, hit. Sometimes partial or full separation of the ear canal is possible.

Mechanical injuries

For superficial, minor damage to the anus (scratches, shallow cuts) the wounds are treated with a solution of hydrogen peroxide (3%), the skin around the wound itself is treated with iodine or green, followed by a sterile bandage on the wound.

In case of deep mechanical damage to the ears (deep cuts, etc.), urgent surgical treatment of the wound, suturing is necessary. Such medical care should be provided only in medical institutions.

Separated ears should be sewed not later than 7-9 hours after the injury, while observing the proper conditions for the storage of the detached body. Proper storage is that the body remains wrapped in a clean, damp cloth, lined with ice on all sides.


With dull trauma of the ear canker (sports, home) most likely to occur from the hematoma, which is a limited accumulation of blood fluid between the nadhryaschnitsey and cartilage.

Localization of the hematomas is on the anterior surface of the anus, usually the upper part of the ear, but can spread to the entire ear, in addition to the earlobe.

Echocardiogram looks like a tumor of light pink or purple. With such mechanical damage to the anus, the general condition of the person is not disturbed, there is no temperature.

It is strictly forbidden to disclose independently from the hematomas, because such actions can lead to infection of the anus and subsequent development of inflammation of the cartilage (perichondritis). The dissection of hematomas is carried out only in medical institutions by ENT specialists, after which antibiotics are prescribed.

Damage to the external auditory passage

Damage to the external ear eardrum occurs when falling on the chin, ineffective attempts to remove foreign objects that fall into the ear (most often in children), impacts on the lower jaw.

Symptoms of such injuries: severe pain when opening the mouth, chewing, bleeding from the ear at the tears of the skin of the external auditory passage. Treatment of such injuries is carried out in hospitals of maxillofacial surgery by otolaryngologists.

Mechanical damage to the ears
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