Means from lice: people's experience

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Pediculosis is a fairly widespread disease that occurs in people of all ages from different parts of society. Folk medicine offers various means of lice.

Pediculosis is caused by lice - small insects that parasitize on the skin of man and his clothes. There are three types of lice: the main ones that live on the hair cover of the head; Pubic laying eggs (nits) on the skin of pubis and perineum; Dresses that live in the folds of the linen and affect the body parts, are most tightly encountered with clothing.

As a rule, infection with lice occurs in contact with a sick person in places of a large crowd of people, in case of non-compliance with the rules of hygiene and the use of someone else's combs, headgear and even headphones.

Symptoms of pediculosis

  • Severe itching of the skin;
  • On the scalp and behind the ears bites are visible;
  • Ribs and abscesses in place of bites;
  • The presence of nicks, which are attached to the roots of the hair.

10 recipes of folk remedies from lice

  1. Proved means of lice and nits - kerosene. It should be applied on the hair and tightly wrap the head with a towel for two hours. Then the kerosene is washed off and the hair is combed with a thick comb. This remedy is not recommended for getting rid of lice in children, since kerosene damages the scalp and hair.
  2. It is simply in the use of such a folk remedy for lice as cranberry juice. It is rubbed into the scalp within a week.
  3. Mint against lice: peppermint leaves pour over pomegranate juice and boil for 10 minutes. Cool the liquid from the lice and rub in the scalp.
  4. Lemon acid against lice: fill with a glass of boiling water 10 grams of medicinal herbs and 5 grams of citric acid. Cool and apply to the scalp for 10 days.
  5. A folk remedy for lice based on mud. Mix together two tablespoons of mud and cheromitsa. Add 30 g of heated pork fat and insist 12 hours. Then drain and rub into the venereal lice, twice a day for 10 days.
  6. Parsley Ointment. Mix one part of the thickened seeds of parsley garden with four parts of petroleum jelly or butter. Apply externally.
  7. To prepare the remedy from the lice, you need to take the pine twigs, place them in the enamel container so that they occupy half the volume. Pour over the water and boil for two hours at low heat. In the evening, wash your head with 72% economic soap and rinse with a warm broth. Then, without drying, wrap your head with a towel all night.
  8. Garlic from a pediculosis: cleaned cloves of garlic finely shredded to the mushroom condition and rub the remedy from lice in the scalp for a week three times a day.
  9. To combat wool loin, it is recommended to wash contaminated linen at high temperature in water with the addition of uncleaned carbolic (lysol).
  10. At the costume lice, the body should be washed with birch leaf infusion, and place the bites to grease with fish oil, aniseed, lavender or olive oil.

Prevention of pediculosis

In order to prevent repeated infections with pediculosis, one should carefully observe personal hygiene, not use strangers' hairbrushes, hairpins, and try to avoid contact with potential carriers of lice.

Bed linen should be washed regularly at high temperatures and must be ironed, especially in the area of ​​seams.

To prevent infection, you can use a herbal remedy for lice that scares insects - lavender or tea tree oil, which should be applied to clothes and hair.

Means from lice: people's experience
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